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PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 11:41 am 

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Now that DS is moving into grade 1, I'm anxious about what to expect. I've heard it's much easier than Kindergarten in terms of food, since it is not such a major part of the classroom. I"m really hoping that's true.

DS will come home for lunch, so it's just snacks at recess that I have to worry about (ie sharing etc) and if someone brings in something for a brithday, although I have no idea if that actually happens in grade school.

I'm worried about the drop offs & pickup, which no longer involve going inside the school and having a chance to chat with or at least see the teacher.

Any advice from parents who have been through it would be appreciated!

DSs 12, 12, 14 all PA

PostPosted: Wed Jul 14, 2010 5:58 pm 

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No advice, but will be interested to hear what others say, as we are going through the same transition this summer with DD. At our school, I think any parent can still walk their children right into the classroom. I know many grade 1 parents were doing this, and I certainly will.

DD will be eating lunch at school, so I have to put some thought into that. . . . besides the no food sharing, only eating food from home, washing/wiping hands before eating, etc. They have lunch tables that fold up, so I'm not sure if the same group of children would be eating on the same tables day after day. I might ask them to mark one of the tables as the one she uses, and ask the custodian to clean it with paper towels instead of the same cloth. The school asks people not to bring in peanuts/nuts, but there will always be people who forget, and may contains are allowed.

I'll have to have a chat with her about what to do if there is a reaction so that the supervision aides get to her quickly, like tell a friend immediately and have the friend go to an adult right away.

I am somewhat concerned about recess because they eat while they are playing outside. Doesn't this seem like a choking hazard as well as risk of getting allergens all over the playground equipment? Not sure this is a battle I want to fight, though. Any advice? I guess I could ask DD to eat her food quickly first, then put it away in her pocket, etc before climbing onto the equipment? Not sure she would comply.

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PostPosted: Thu Jul 15, 2010 5:32 pm 
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I would suggest that you contact the school (the principal is usually there the week prior to school starting) and set up a meeting with the principal and possibly the teacher. You can address many of your concerns then and if the teacher is not able to meet with you, the principa can take your concerns to her and have her call you.

I have met with the principal every year since dd started school. The childs' abilities and needs change as can the allergies. If it is appeoached with a positive attitude, I find most school are willing to work with you.

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