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PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:14 am 

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I was at a specialist's office yesterday. It is a stunning and modern office with wonderful staff. In the waiting area there is a lovely cabinet. On it is a fabric lined wicker basket complete with glass cups (for the water cooler). There also is a second wicker basket with complimentary granola bars. As soon as we walked past to the seating area I stopped cold, my allergy mama senses picked up something which made me glance back and read twice. The very generous basket of complimentary granola bars were none other than almond and peanut butter!!!!!! My allergy mama senses were on full alert now and I know others out there understand how it is almost like you have a radar turned on. I in a spit second was scanning/looking in and on and over and under everything for any crumbs which our son now just shy of 21 months may pick up. Then I shuddered as although the furniture is sleek and lovely all I could imagine was invisible smears of peanut butter on chairs and magazines and door handles etc..

I thought through what I was going to say as I didn't want to be the 'pushy' allergy mom. So after my appt. (and after my husband held a squirmy, LOUD, toddler for 20 min.) I had a quiet talk with a staff member. I let them know what a lovely office it is and how generous is is of them to offer snacks. Then I acknowledging the fact that trace could be anywhere and we are vigilant regardless of where we are. BUT that having known nut/peanut butter snacks in the office creates a direct life and death situation for our son and others with allergies. I told her that people eat with their hands, then touch chairs, books, doors etc. and that trace reactions can be just as severe as ingesting an allergen. She was very gracious and said it would be brought up with the office manager.
So, one small step...a year ago I would have panicked (ok freaked) and lost it. Now after reading how so many of you deal with situations I think it is becoming easier to be direct yet say things in such a way that (hopefully) others aren't offended. So thanks! It is a hard learning curve to deal with as emotions are so high and it is so easy to create a situation where others feel offended. (the only time I don't care who's offended is when people insist on touching my son.....last week after asking over and over for different parents at a function not to touch our son and explained why a mom high fived him, I explained again why and she replied 'oh, I ate a bag of nuts earlier AAAHHH).
It is so hard to believe that 1 1/2 years ago I would have walked by that table and gone "yummmy, peanut butter granola bars" and I wouldn't have thought twice.


DD 12 yrs -no allergies
4 yr old DS - asthma/eczema Anaphylactic to Peanuts, all tree nuts, sesame , all pea/lentil legumes, gelatin.
Allergic to trees, grass,ragweed, feathers, dander, mold and dust.
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:24 am 
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Good for you, finding a calm way to explain the situation to the office member. :)

Daughter: asthma, allergies to egg, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, most legumes (not soy and green beans) & penicillin. Developing hayfever type allergies.
Husband: no allergies
Me: Oral Allergy Syndrome, Allergic to Birch trees

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 14, 2009 11:00 pm 

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Knowledge is power! I strongly believe this. It's great that you brought this to their attention in a calm and rational fashion. Allergies were probably the furthest thing from their mind when they chose to start offering these snacks.

Married mom of 4 living children and a baby girl in Heaven.
Between myself, my husband, and our children we have way too many allergies to list.

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