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PostPosted: Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:30 pm 

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I have been reading a lot about diet and nutrition lately---Weight Watchers has become a struggle now that I am almost done losing weight and my points budget is so low, and I have been doing some huh workouts and trying to balance my nutrition more because of that. And...well, I am starting to feel a bit frustrated and alone because of my food allergies.

Okay, nuts are a super-food (can't have those) and I don't eat protein powders because of the corn starch. But lately, it is all about flax being the super-food of the universe and I can't have that either. And I feel like I am the only one.

When I started suspecting it might be an issue, I googled 'flax allergy' on-line and the consensus seemed to be that it is an extremely rare allergy and it is highly unlikely I would be allergic to it. As soon as I saw those words, I *knew* I was because it so would be me to get the rare one, and so I got some from my stepdad, took it in and got tested, and sure enough I am the statistical outlier who really is allergic. Since then, I have had it by accident a few times and without fail reacted to it.

And now it is the new super-food, and it is showing up in *everything.* The soy yogurt I used to buy is 'enriched' with flax now, as are a growing number of breakfast cereals, including oatmeal. It is just creeping into everything, which is frustrating because health foods used to be safer for me since they had less of the corn business.

And they do not have to label for it, disclose for it, or even respond to public outcry about its creep into every food in the grocery store because it is the new superfood and like three people in the world are allergic.

So now I can't eat things I used to be able to eat because they are gunking it up with the flax business, and I can't eat other things which might not have it because of the corn issue, and I am having problems getting in Omega 3s because the top other sources of them are walnuts (which I can't have) and salmon (which I dislike). And I feel like I am this lone voice in the wilderness calling out 'why are you messing up my perfectly good soy yogurt for no good reason?' because really, nobody else cares about flax since it is the superfood with no allergy problem.

*sigh* I can't be the only one with a less common allergy, right? How do you guys deal with being the only ones?

Asthma and eczema
Drug allergy (succinylcholine)
Food (corn, raw apples, green beans, tree nuts, flax)
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PostPosted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 10:06 am 

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I'm sorry you have had to go through this and I know what it feels like. Last year I was barely eating anything and I lost a lot of weight. I finally found out the culprit wasn't food but I learnt a lot about the way our food system works. Mind you, I still have my regular allergies but reading the labels for different things made me even more aware. So I know that corn for you has already been tough because it is used in many,many things and now the flax..
My advice to you would be to go back to basics. I am really ino nutrition as well and despite your allergies, you will still be able to manage quite well. The only difference is that you may have to take some time to plan things out instead of relying on packaged foods like other people can but, is that such a bad thing? I think we are (people with allergies) generally so much more conscious of what we put into our bodies and that is a blessing because so many people who buy into the packaged phenomenon have no idea what kind of gunk they are feeding themselves.
So back to basics: lots of fruits and veggies (cooked or raw, whatever you can do) The more vibrant and dark the colour, the better it is for you. By the way, tomatoes are actually more nutritious when they're cooked! And berries-one of the newest phenomenons-are great for you, especially blackberries if you can eat them. I think flax is soooo last year by the way so don't worry about not being able to have it.
What else? Um, ok brown rice, barley, brown pasta. If you eat meat, try to buy lean cuts and maybe even organic...maybe even half the time. FIsh is good too if you can eat it. That way you won't have to rely on the fish oil capsules for the omega's and white fish tends to be milder in taste hence more tolerable for people like you and I who don't lke the taste of salmon.
Try to balance your soy out with rice products too. Too much soy isn't good for you either because it has lots of estrogen and can do funny things with the balance of your hormones. So try to alternate...although a bit in your diet is perfectly fine and still good for you.
Eggs are really good...high in iron, also high in cholesterol so not too often but it's good once or twice a week.
Forgot to read if you're allergic to dairy, if you aren't, again, try to balance and maybe try to buy dairy products that don't have hormones....maybe even organic if possible but I know it's expensive.
Other than that, some vitamin D for the winter months is good and probiotics year round are highly recommended by me! I haven't had a cold in over three years :)
Good luck and I know it's hard but take it day by day and try to think of what you can have.

Associate Editor at Allergic Living.
Allergies to all nuts and legumes except soy and green beans.

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