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toddlers/kids with wheat allergy (NOT celiac)
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Author:  aborden [ Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:36 am ]
Post subject:  toddlers/kids with wheat allergy (NOT celiac)

My DS has a wheat allergy (not celiac). I'm interested in hearing from other parents whose kids either have wheat allergy or once had it. It is difficult to manage right now and any tips are most appreciated. Thanks!

Author:  caz [ Fri Jun 10, 2011 7:55 am ]
Post subject:  Re: toddlers/kids with wheat allergy (NOT celiac)

Hi-we dont have a wheat allergy but anaphylaxis to barley. We are forever telling people its NOT a gluten issue but a life threatening allergy to ALL the proteins in barley-not just the gluten component. Tricky! I hate it when a product lists 'gluten' as an ingredient but doesnt list the source-useless info from our point of view meaning lots of phone calls to manufacturersv to find out WHERE the gluten comes from

Author:  Allergic_Vegetarian [ Tue Jul 12, 2011 5:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: toddlers/kids with wheat allergy (NOT celiac)

My nephew goes to school with someone who has to be strictly gluten free. I think he is allergic to wheat, but not sure.

My own experience:
Its easier to get wheat free if you aren't allergic to meats. However, if one reacts to meats from animals that have ate wheat, then I'd stick to a Pescatarian diet (fish). I have found that its easier to just go with the gluten free diet instead of trying to be strictly only wheat free.

Rice Chex cereal is GF and I've not reacted to them yet. I get pain if I have gluten, but don't know how little gluten will cause a reaction as I've not tested that with a cracker yet because I currently have hives and had to get that checked out first. This is something I wanted to do just so I could use me to figure out if anything contains wheat or not when people weren't sure.

There is GF baking mixes that some stores carry. Ener-G egg replacer is the best binder you have given the other allergies. I believe they are top 8 free. A Vegan site (I forget the link) has used banana and apple sauce to great effect to get the GF bakery item to have better texture. She is also gluten free.

Whole Foods Market is a great place for shopping.
Gluten Free registry (google it for the link) has some great info on restaurants and such.
Tinkyada Noodles are the BEST wheat free noodle! They use only rice and water so are very pure.

Noodles and Company's spices DOES have gluten from a wheat source. I get my Rice noodles without the spices and add double the mushroom and red bell peppers, then bring in my own seasoning packet that includes bragg's liquid amino's for flavour.

Usually Soy sauce contains wheat, but Bragg's Liquid amino's is wheat free and GF. I don't react to it, and I use it all the time.

What they did at school was notify the teacher, and the school. the teacher has GF snacks on board so whenever someone has a b-day or brings in treats, the wheat/GF kid has something too.

Best wishes! I hope this helps a little at least. I've been strictly gluten free (which obviously includes wheat) for several months now, and do understand how hard it is. They put gluten and wheat in so many things! Rice Krispies NOW has a GF version! I would still check the label for malt. Malt can be wheat, but I'm assuming that the GF version does not contain malt.

Author:  caz [ Wed Jul 13, 2011 1:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: toddlers/kids with wheat allergy (NOT celiac)

Allergic_Vegetarian wrote:

- I have found that its easier to just go with the gluten free diet instead of trying to be strictly only wheat free.....
-I've been strictly gluten free (which obviously includes wheat) .

Personally have to really disagree with these two statements-

gluten free does not equate to wheat free-there are many food components that have wheat in them that the gluten component has been removed (eg glucose syrup etc)-the gluten protiens may be removed but the many other protiens that make up wheat are likely to be still present-and given they are not tested it impossible to say how much of those protiens would be present. If you are talking about have anaphylaxis issues with wheat then this is obviously not a good idea.
It also rules out other cereals that can be a good source of fibre etc that you would not otherwise get. A gluten free diet is really only a good choice for coeliacs as it prevents damage to the villi-this is not the case with someone with an IgE wheat allergy.

We find malt usually means barley, but can also come from other grains such as wheat-theres no way of knowing unless you call the manufacturer.

I personally go with not restricting the diet any more than is absolutely necessary-and a gluten free diet for a wheat (or barley) allergic individual is a very restrictive option in my opinion.

Author:  Allergic_Vegetarian [ Wed Jul 13, 2011 9:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: toddlers/kids with wheat allergy (NOT celiac)

I don't eat any food that contains "wheat" but has the gluten element removed. I eat strict wheat free because I have way too many foods I react too. I avoid glucose as I never know when a particular grain may turn anaphylactic without warning like Cinnamon did. However, I would agree that going GF when its just the wheat protein that one reacts to IS very restrictive. I just found that most specialty products in stores either contains wheat or is GF, but rarely is it a "wheat free" but contains gluten.

I'm sure if you looked online, you would find a website that has some good info on Wheat free diets with recipes, resources and so on. I knew a person who was Wheat free and she found it frustrating because everything was GF or contained Wheat where she lived.

As far as Fiber source, I get plenty of Fiber from beans. However, I do agree with you that using other grains are a good option for WF people. I just read the labels and go from there.

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