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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2013 10:03 pm 

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I am new so not sure if this is something has been posted before but probably. I guess I would call this parents of allergic children getting bullied.Recently, I have had a heated discussion with a friend who told me to call a natural path. She feels that my son could be cured of his life threatening allergies. She knows someone who was very ill with allergies and is miraculously cured. She swears up and down that this lady can now eat everything, and said that I should be willing to do anything to help my child, if I am a caring mom. I told her that our allergist, family doctor and pediatrian have told me that there is no cure for allergies. They warned me never to put my son in any experimental type tests where they feed him trace amounts or do whatever to try and build up his immunities. The conversation left me feeling bullied and this is not the first time.A long while back my son's public school made a rule for his classroom. No fish sandwiches. This was already on top of the no peanut one for the school board. A mom would send fish sandwiches for her twin sons once a week to make a point. In grade 6, a teacher called this mom and said: " Please stop because the boy with allergies in this class is throwing up in the garbage can in front of his friends. He gets nauseous and it is so unfair that your refuse to listen. Jake will no longer be sent off to eat by himself because this is unfair. We will be throwing your children's lunches out or sending the sandwiches home. This finally stopped the woman, but my son told me that she was sent those sandwiches for years before a teacher finally stood up for her. It was all about how the rules to keep my son safe were so unfair for hers. If I had know or if Jake had said something, I would have gone to the school board, but it was all kept quiet for some reason. Suzanne

PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 10:44 am 

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Early on, with unsolicited allergy advice I would say "I will consider that." or "I will ask our Allergist about that." It shut the others up because I acknowledged them yet I didn't lie.

Then I got to where I was knowledgeable so I could quickly refute their advice.

It all depends on how much of a debate I want to get in with someone. Now I find that I just need to ask a few technical questions about allergies that show their ignorance and they shut up.

With regards to your son's school that is really unfortunate it took so long to be dealt with. I work in a school and it is difficult to monitor everyone's lunch so the kids need to speak up. Our kids have to learn to stand up for themselves and that it doesn't mean they are inconveniencing someone else to ask them to follow a school rule. I found my daughter responded well to "Would you have told the teacher if it was someone else's allergen that was in the classroom that shouldn't have been there?" She simply didn't like to stand out or 'inconvenience' others.

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PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2013 5:08 pm 
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:huggy Who was it who said, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."?

I agree with walooet. Thank her for her concern and yes, advise her that you are seeking the medical advice of professionals. You can tell her that you are up to date on the advances being made. If she pushes, tell her point blank that your child is far too dear to you to place their lives in the hands of qwacks and snake oil peddlers! That you will place your trust in scientific evidence and medical science.

If she pushes, allow your momma bear to come out...she won't do that again. If she is a true friend, she'll back off. If she isn't, don't waste your energy on her.

BTW, you can always send her here: ... tests.html

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