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A.L. writer/for story input: summer issue/quality of life
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Author:  BC2007 [ Wed May 04, 2011 6:51 am ]
Post subject:  A.L. writer/for story input: summer issue/quality of life

Jennifer Van Evra:
I'm writing a cover feature for the next issue of Allergic Living about parents of kids with food allergies - specifically about the effect the child's allergies have on the parents' quality of life. (In other words, time to talk about yourselves for once!) I'm looking for brief anecdotes I can use alongside the story - so if you're game, tell me one or two ways in which your quality of life has been most affected by your child's food allergies, for better or for worse. And if you have a specific moment or incident you can remember when you thought, "Wow, my life is really different than it used to be" or "This is having a major impact on my life", please share it! Then I'll include some of the stories in the next issue of AL. Thank you...
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Allergic Living Gwen: Jen, forgot to mention - can talk about here. But for longer tales, e-mail Jen at

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