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Author:  Helen [ Mon Apr 10, 2006 7:56 pm ]
Post subject:  pollen vaccines

has anyone been given pre-seasonal pollen vaccines (and possibly grass--I'm not certain what I've gotten myself into)? My allergist was going to recommend allergy shots, but because I might be moving in the not too distant future he thought a compromise between doing allergy shots and doing nothing would be to go for the vaccines. Plus he seemed to be more confident that they will have an effect....but I might be misreading him on this one--maybe he was just recommending them. It's something I'll need to start right away, and I trust my allergist, so I just said yes, I'd go for it. (I did ask him whether the vaccine contains thimerosal---which is a mercury-based compound. He said no, it contains aluminum...which I'm not exactly ecstatic about, but I'm not ecstatic about the pollen allergies either.)

Even though I already made my decision, I'd be interested in knowing whether people have had good experiences with this. Also, would it have been better for me to beg for allergy shots? Do the vaccines have the same effect in a shorter space of time? Do they "wear off" faster than allergy shots? Can I switch to allergy shots next season or should i continue with the vaccines? I guess I should have asked my doctor some of these questions but as we're dealing with food allergies and pollen allergies in the same appointment, and because I'm the type of person who has lots of questions (I'm sure this won't come as any surprise) there isn't enough some of these questions just occurred to me now.

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