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 Post subject: apotex - hall of shame
PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 12:08 pm 

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We really need to get drug companies to include all non-medicinal ingredients in the CPS! (stands for Canadian Pharmaceutical something or other. it's the huge volume pharmacists consult for drug info) I really needed to start on prednisone days ago, but have had to delay because of the difficulty with getting info. over the holidays.

*None* of the companies making prednisone list the non medicinal ingredients in the CPS. I thought (based on internet research) that prednisone contains cornstarch, and I called a compounding pharmacy to see if they could help me out. The pharmacist there was amazing. She called all of the drug companies producing the drug, and did find one company (apotex) which produces corn-starch free prednisone.

But because I have a lot of allergies, and few people are aware of which ingredients are derived from corn, I need to see the ingredient listing for myself. Prednisone is *not* a drug I can start and then go off of if I have issues. I'm going to be on a high dose, so I will need to taper off slowly.

SO I asked my pharmacist (at my regular pharmacy) for Apotex's drug info. phone number. I was happy to see that my pharmacist was as frustrated as I am by the lack of info in the CPS. This was on Dec. 31. Of course, I had to wait until today...4 days later until the office was open after the holiday/weekend.

I called Apotex this a.m. They do not deal with consumers. they only respond to inquiries from medical professionals. I spoke to an actual person, and she would tell me nothing. I asked if she could confirm that a list of ingredients I found online is complete and accurate, but no. So I'm waiting for my pharmacy to call Apotex and then for Apotex to fax the ingredients listing to my pharmacy.

It is taking a lot of time and effort to find basic info. that should be readily available. I'm really sick, and I needed to start on the medication before now.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2010 7:30 am 
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Helen-Grrr ...that is so annoying! I could find no information on the Government drug database either!
Perhaps Apotex would give the information to the Marketed Health Products Directorate (MHPD).
In implementing its core responsibilities, MHPD:

•collects and monitors adverse reaction and medication incident data;
•reviews and analyzes marketed health product safety data;
•conducts benefit and risk assessments of marketed health products;
communicates product-related risks to health professionals and the public;
•oversees regulatory advertising activities;
•develops and implements policies to effectively regulate marketed health products; and
•actively monitors health product safety and therapeutic effectiveness.

Daughter: asthma, allergies to egg, milk, peanuts, tree nuts, most legumes (not soy and green beans) & penicillin. Developing hayfever type allergies.
Husband: no allergies
Me: Oral Allergy Syndrome, Allergic to Birch trees

PostPosted: Tue Jan 05, 2010 11:48 am 

Joined: Tue Mar 22, 2005 6:53 pm
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Location: Canada
thanks for digging up that info., Susan. It might be worth contacting the MHPD.

Another frustrating thing about drugs. Not all the non-medicinal ingredients have to be listed, apparently. i'm on iron supplements (I take Euro-Fer), and the packaging and ingredients listing suddenly changed. I called the company to see what was up. The *ingredients* didn't change. just the ingredients *listing.* apparently, they didn't list all the non medicinal ingredients before. This isn't really a 'drug' seeing as it is available over the counter, but you can get a prescription for it.

I did get the answer to my prednisone question, and fortunately, I can take the drug. I had to be persistent, however. I didn't hear back from the pharmacy right away, so I called them in the late afternoon to discover that they had emailed Apotex and hadn't yet received a response. Because I mentioned that I was able to contact Apotex over the phone earlier in the morning, my pharmacist tried calling as well. Apotex didn't want to fax the ingredients, but the company representative read them out to my pharmacist over the phone, and he copied them down for me.

I finally managed to start on prednisone this a.m.! Don't know if I would have gotten it in time if I hadn't been persistent. It really shouldn't be that hard.

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