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Boosting our immune system
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Author:  hellokitty [ Fri May 27, 2005 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Boosting our immune system

Hi, I am new. Just find this out when I received the new magazine.
My whole family do have different kind of allergies.
My husband has seasonal allergy. He will have itchy eyes, running noise the whole day from April to late September.
My son is allegric to peanut and soy bean.
My girl has eczema on her joints and neck.
Myself have asthma.
We keep going to the doctors and nothing can help.
Two years ago, we start to consume a hebral drink which does help most of our problems.
My husband has only a couple sneezes in the season. My girl's eczema is 90% cured. My son now can consume some of the soy products. And myself, use the puffer less than before.
The drink helps to boost up our immune system. We do not have a cold or flu since we use this drink.
My friend's daughter has shellfish allergy. She uses the product for three months and now she is back on her lobsterfest.
This days I don't trust the medication any more. The more we use drug, the more side effect that we are getting. I try to go to the natural methods.
I am not here to sell any thing but just want to share and help.

Author:  Helen [ Fri May 27, 2005 5:50 pm ]
Post subject: 

Hi hellokitty, thanks for the post. what herbal remedy do you use (if you don't mind telling us)?

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