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Styles, Icons and Questions About Reading/Posting Messages
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Author:  _Susan_ [ Thu Jul 28, 2011 10:09 am ]
Post subject:  Styles, Icons and Questions About Reading/Posting Messages

Topic icons are images that can be applied to your subject line to help identify the type of message you are posting. You can find them I chose the i icon for this since it's basically information.
I think these are self explanitory.

Styles refer to the look of the words in the message body and they can be found above the message body box. To post a quote, look at the section of buttons between the subject and the message body.
B means bold,
i means italicize
u means underline
means quote
I'm not sure what this does

    is used for creating lists

List= [list=]is used for creating lists[/list]
[ * ] [*]places a * [*]beside the words [*]on a list
Img is used when you want to add a picture
URL can be used to type in a website address
Flash [flash=]Flashy[/flash] can be used in conjunction with Font colour!

You can hit the button and place the message (copied from somewhere else) between the brackets. If you have typed a message and what part of it bolded, italicized etc., you can highlight it by holding down the left button on you mouse while moving the cursor over the words to be highlighted. Then, click the button for the required style.

Feel free to play around in the Test Zone at the bottom of the Forum list. You won't break anything... :D

I hope this helps.

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