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PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:16 am 

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Any suggestions? We decided to let our 'just turned 4' year old to carry his own epipens in a belt around his waist after much debate whether this was appropriate for him (maturity etc), since the start of school September.

After 2 episodes of older kids (school up to grade 6) curiously opening my then 3 year old's epipen belt to see what on earth he had in there, in the school yard...I can understand the curiosity. He is the only one with epipens. And heck, I hadn't even seen an ebelt before..

The principal talked to each class regarding what he has around his waist and not to touch it/open it etc.

My now 4 year old has come home in the past 2 days with 2 new incidents of 2 separate boys in his class (also 4 years old) opening his epi bag, and taking his epipens out and out of the plastic protective tube!

After much role playing (since August) and constant reminders etc etc ETC of what to do/not to do/how to be assertive/don't let them open the bag/take the epipens back/get teacher ETC..I am very uneasy.

I have sent a note to teacher and email to principal on what they suggest we can do to help this situation.......

These stories are coming directly from my four year never informed me..kinda scary..

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 10:31 am 

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If you don't receive an immediate response from your note and email then you should make an appointment to discuss the issue with the principal. The last thing you want is for this expensive, life saving device to be broken or damaged without your knowledge. Since the principal has discussed the issue with all of the classes and they have been warned then any further problems should be dealt with as a discipline issue. For any older students they should be dealt a fairly strong consequence. This is no small matter - tampering with life saving medical equipment.

As for the 4 year olds - there needs to be an age appropriate consequence as well. A note home from the teacher or principal to all children in the class about the issue might help. The teacher could ask for the help of the parents to explain the importance of the epipen and the reason why it can't be played with. My daughter tucks her epipen belt under her shirt. Could your son do this - out of sight out of mind might help the situation?

As for you not being informed about the epipen being removed from the case - this is not okay. Let the principal and teacher know that you expect to be informed when this happens. You need to inspect the epipen to make sure that it is in good working order if someone has been handling it. What if the kids drop it and the spring mechanism is affected? When your child needs the epipen it needs to be in proper working order.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 24, 2010 12:34 pm 

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This is exactly why I am so glad to be here!!!

Fourfallbabies, I am so sorry you have to be in this position. :huggy I have been where you are.

Katec, I am very much in agreement with your response, although I will comment on this...
If you don't receive an immediate response from your note and email then you should make an appointment to discuss the issue with the principal.

This was my big mistake. If I were to do it over again, I would definitly get absolutely everything in writing (or video). People will say all sorts of things and turn things around.My biggest suggestion - believe your child when he/she tells you something and act - get a paper trail - and the sooner the better. By the way, if you are invited to "tell your story" by anyone like a trustee board and they say in-camera just before the meeting, please be aware that "in-camera" means in secret and they ask all except the presenter and the board to leave.


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