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Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is NOW!
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Author:  alberta advocate [ Fri Nov 25, 2011 1:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

ok...well, I went to the facebook page with full intentions of getting on that, so I poked around and found this ... V8Uy86fovg

Need I say more?

Shouldn't have to, but....if I ever thought of getting out of this racket...well, that just put an end to it.

So....I said earlier
Called # of K Hehr.....left my name & # with J. but was told not to expect a call back till after session, left my# and said I will wait. ...and the anaphylaxis thing did not come up on the order paper and will not till the spring...which will be probably after the election....and they are focusing on the health inquiry now....

and I just sent this.
Allergic Living home page ---news flash---
Family Angered by Allergic Daughter's Death at School
A Quebec coroner lays no blame in the death of a 6-year old who died of asthma attack or food reaction at school. ...

Attn: Mr.Kent Hehr

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for returning my call in such a timely matter. I have been advocating for some action on this issue for a long time and appreciate any attention that you may give it as the oppositions eduction critic (shadow).

I so hope that something can be done before another family should have to go through what that family in Quebec is living.

I am not very good yet at this computer stuff, (let alone politics) but I am learning and have been chatting on the Allergic Living Forum for awhile now and would like to direct your attention so you may learn more. I have tried to make it as easy as possible for everyone to get up to speed in- The "living" part, in the Schools" - Anaphylaxis Laws section. There is a thread there called Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is NOW! And if you would like more information.....Allergic Living has just celebrated 5 years as a growing Canadian magazine with a facebook page (I'm not "doing" facebook or anything like tweeting (yet)...but there is lots of information out there worth looking into already and tired of repeating myself).
I am aware of the Alberta Education website (I started there and am registered for the meeting in Edmonton tomorrow) and also have became a member of the Alberta School Councils' Assoc. on their website and blog (?) and have begun a discussion in the forum there regarding this matter. More attention brought to this life-threatening issue would a welome change.

Please do not hesitate to contact me or pass my information on to anyone who is interested.
Thank you,

Michele Ford,
Advocate for Allergy Awareness in Alberta Schools

Oh....and I got my hair cut yesterday....and I have a little teal feather in if anyone is looking for me ....easy peasy! (probably some will like the warning so they can avoid me too. :roll: )

Author:  alberta advocate [ Sat Nov 26, 2011 4:54 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

Well, I am Edmonton at the Getting It Right conference hosted by the Government of Alberta. I am going to post and then add to this same post for awhile so I don't loose what I have so far.... :roll: my laptop really needs a new battery...I'm plugged in but even that is not quite right anymore either.
Came at 8 this am to register...but I can't take it I am now outside the door at a table with old Allergic Living mags just laying around me and a sign that says who and what I am.

I have chitchatted a little w/alot of people...but you know...if it's not an issue to them in their life they are really not that interested.

Introduced myself to many people.... the Minister of Education, his Parliamentary Assistant, one Deputy minister maybe 2, alot of facilitators, lots of teachers and ATA members (not here in that capacity, I don't think) and parents... and a lawyer or 2. Also a few trustees. Some students and some parents whom really are here just in the parental roll.

The round table discussions are not interesting to me really, my kids are doing awesome and are just about done school, unless they are talking about the "safe and caring" part. I got Sabrina's Law mentioned at my table and that I wish all staff were absolutely required to have first aid training as well as being trained regarding anaphylaxis and asthma. I hope....really, I don't have a clue as to what to do so I try to smile alot and be friendly....working really good til the Director of the School Act Review Initiative Legislative Services Branch Education asked me if I really thought that the law (had it been in place then) then do I think it would have saved Sabrina. Definitely not the type of person I like to deal with so I said nice to meet you...not really and moved on....but ya know...she really got under my skin for a few minutes. On the way out, I told her to get informed, watch a few videos and then she could see if she still wants to ask me that. :verymad but got over it quickly...I left a couple of notes and stories around so everyone knows I'm interested in this and who knows...something may come of it.

I also l(at the round table discussions) let it be known that I felt that a parent ombudsperson or something along that line would be helpful because when a person has an issue there is no one for them to turn to really, considering all the back up everyone else (teachers, boards, etc) we feel pretty helpless at thimes and now with the change regarding the $1000.00 fine well, that's just a little much when usually parents are already frusterated when they get to the board level.

And now they are having a break so I am chit chatting again now.

You know, what I would really like to know is how many people who are here today are parent and only parents (or grand) it seemed to me that as I spoke to many people that a lot of them it said parent (on their are ya? sign) but then you got chatting and they are a teacher or a trustee or in administration way or the other connected (maybe by a paycheck) w/the education system . Now, do you think that could have been just a coincidence.....there is just no way of knowing is there? Although I would bet money Danyluk's (remember him....he voted no that day too and not long after suffered an anaphylactic reaction a few months later in the legislative building) brother was there....and I'll ask ya...who finds out about this stuff first? Those conferences filled up so fast....... Not that they shouldn't have a say...but I just feel that it wasn't just John & Jane RegularParent there. And by and large the talk in the safe and welcoming or whatever is about bullying and that is important to....but how on earth do you legislate something like that when as We have excellent policies in place already in the schools,
as Mr Doug Griffiths MLA & teacher said on March 15, 2010 as recorded in the Alberta Hansard
Mr.Speaker, and that’s because the School Act fundamentally says that
schools have to be safe and caring. They have to provide a safe
environment. We have to legislate anaphylactic policy. We
legislate against bullying. We legislate against – well, you name it.
We can just legislate everything and make everybody safe.
The School Act says that we have to create safe and caring
schools. Every single teacher, every single principal, every single
student, every single parent works together on policies, procedures,
and day-to-day operations to ensure that safety. Just because
something might or might not be in legislation does not mean that
it’s weak because it’s not in legislation or assured because it is. It all
comes down to people and how vigilant they are and whether or not
the actual day-to-day policies are in place.

Well, which is? Politics.....ack! :banghead

btw DD made me a beautiful lanyard with an old one of DS's (he was security staff at the book fair at school) it said Allergy Awareness Advocate with my name below. :huggy to them....and I have a beautiful new teal scarf too. To be totally honest I LOOKED DARN GOOD and I am starting to feel very comfortable with this. I think I'm gettin' my groove back!

Author:  alberta advocate [ Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

Updated my experience in Edmonton Ab. Ed. Conference regarding new act and safe and caring (which seems to have been changed to welcoming) probabably cuz how the heck are ya gonna legislate caring. :rofl

Author:  heathermum [ Sun Nov 27, 2011 11:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

THanks for letting us know how it went. I'm registered for Thursday here in Calgary if anyone else happens to be going. I'm going as "just a parent" though I've worked in the schools (not for them) in the past. I don't know really what I'll be able to say or to whom but will do my best! Having not been in the schools yet as a parent (my oldest enters Kindergarten next year) I'm terribly naive about things from the parent point of view but I can certainly start a conversation and talk to as many people as I can! Great work yesterday! I'll let you know how it goes this week.

Author:  alberta advocate [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

:thumbsup I'm glad you got in.... I guess the only thing I can tell you is that when they talk about the "safe and whatever" make sure it gets written down on that big paper....and read what they wrote, I insisted "Sabrina's Law" was written because at first it was such a little blurb :roll: ....unless you happen to be the one who offers to take those note during that part (that would be the best) and put a comment or two on the comment boards (big sticky notes). If people wanted more info....I pointed them in this direction to learn and the Ab. Ed. website to chat regarding the school act where I have started that subject under the safe and ......also, I do find it interesting how many people are so surprised to learn that people in the schools (Alberta wide) are not required to have 1st aid even. For the most part, I think people assume they are.

I don't know how far you want to take this....but when I first arrived and people where sitting at tables but nothing had begun yet....(I was prepared with a couple of different things I found on this site and had DS print 30 of each off) I quickly went to most of the tables, said hi and asked if they would please read and share (cuz I'm just a mom with limited resources). Good luck and :thanksign big time....

btw..where is the conference being held in Calgary?

Author:  alberta advocate [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 2:46 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

alberta advocate wrote:
Well....WOW. Every one of those places in Alberta now it says ... g-it-right
Registration is now closed as this session is full.
Please visit the Getting It Right idea forum to have your say online.

Apparently, there is still a lot of people out there with ideas :idea: ...happy I got in. :goodidea, if anyone who is interested in this can help by getting people onto that is easy peasy...and it has a place for the kids too.... I must say, I am impressed with this website...I'm glad they are giving me time to catch up.....hmmmmm....must be an election coming.
There is also a General Ideas place to leave comments as well. ... eral-ideas

:oops: I was WRRROOONG and not afraid to admit it.

The conferences are not all full.....just up to Calgary I think....after that, Bonnyville, etc. there are still openings....I guess Red Deer is tomorrow....but it is those people....get on the "getting it right " website! I have begun here ... fe-schools (still caring there :lol: ) because the question is....
If you were Minister what changes would you make to ensure that schools are caring, respectful and safe?
I do have many other ideas but will focus on the allergy thing....for now.

AND...I signed up with twitter!! Have not tweeted yet, but you will know when I do cuz I think I am following A.L. and Ab.Ed. I think I'll just pass on the face book ya know.

Author:  alberta advocate [ Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:56 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

poking around....very interesting article to meet the new Education Minister on the ATA website posted Nov. 22... ... ister.aspx
Following a brief stint as a teacher, he founded Injured Workers Advocates Inc., a firm designed to assist injured workers with work-related injury claims. He folded the company when he was elected MLA for Edmonton-Castle Downs in 2001.

Author:  alberta advocate [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N ... obile=true
Michele Ford, a Spruce Grove parent, followed the consultation to Red Deer and wants the new Education Act to mandate yearly training for school staff so they can treat students with severe allergies.

Ford’s 17-year-old daughter is allergic to eggs and has required emergency epinephrine injections.

“I don’t want to hear about some kid dying because I didn’t keep pushing,” said Ford, who participated in the consultation in Edmonton on Saturday.
Well there is more than me that I find interesting in that article. It is titled
Trustees observers only at education consultation meetings
So, why were they there taking up space...I asked at a very few minutes after 8 am if I could possibly get in and was told no possible way...full to I went & welcomed and directed people as they came in. I just casually asked if they were teachers....and most said yes. I guess it is very easy for them to get a day off as subs are easy to come by....unlike most parents working in Alberta. Of course, this is my experience only.

A little later, I mentioned to another fellow that I couldn't get in and he wanted to know who had told me that because ....... anyway, I guess he didn't recognize me from Edmonton, so before I got someone in trouble I told him who I was and all of a sudden it was full again. The people from Ab. Ed. were surprised to see me, I think. I had to make a few calls to find out where the conference was....Ab. Ed. is not too free with the information unless you are registered...but as my dad used to say...."there is more that one way to skin a cat" and btw my dad was a "cat skinner". Really. :lol:

on another note regarding the "safe and caring" bit in the New Act here....

Edmonton Public has just yesterday I believe passed a policy (the first of it's kind here in the prairies)
It’s aimed at protecting the well being and safety of sexual minority students. The board has a general anti-bullying policy, but the board didn’t feel it was the most effective.

Read it on Global News: Global Edmonton | Edmonton Public School Board accepts sexual orientation specific policy

Now, I have been trying to keep up on this as well....cuz I care about it but it just seems wieird that in this case....they have a policy but are now gonna look into how they will implement it. That is just the opposite way that the allergy thing got handled....

jmo....but our redneck sure shows sometime.

Darn....just caught the tail end of Q on cbc -they were talking about the bullying issue....missed it.

Author:  _Susan_ [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 3:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

Other opportunities to comment on the new Education Act include tweeting using the #abed hashtag, commenting at, emailing, or sending written submissions to the minister.

The website includes ways for people of all ages to provide input.

Love this bit, too! :popcorn

Author:  alberta advocate [ Wed Nov 30, 2011 11:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N ... D=10319011

Bob was talking about the unfortunate incident here in Alberta that happened at a Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) a while ago & you just never know how you relate to things, sometimes I really do feel like I get these full circle moments. I just didn't get the hook up right to here and I think I spelled the ministers' name wrong. :oops

Author:  alberta advocate [ Thu Dec 01, 2011 1:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

Today, I think they are meeting in Calgary. :thanksign to any that bring this important issue up there. Bob Layton has as interesting blog today titled Heart Help ... D=10310575 I am busy with him. I hope he is quicker with the comments today. :popcorn & I hope my comment makes better sense today than yesterday. I'm still learning :lol: :thumbsup

Author:  alberta advocate [ Thu Dec 01, 2011 2:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

I totally forgot on Saturday that there was a team from Global I went looking and found this... ... 58#stories and the table that I sat at was filmed quite often. I was not(I try not to intrude on the other discussions)....BUT, my little sign was there on the table and if you look real close....A FEW TIMES!!! 8) :banana :mrgreen: @ 1:05, 1:55 &, 2:07 Too funny! I wonder where else I may have happened to make a ripple? Sometimes there are just pleasant surprises. :happydance

I don't think I got on video in Red Deer....but a parent of two did get interviewed by CFRN Red Deer and I overheard it and apparently she lives in Sherwood Park I think I heard and sure sounded like she could talk the government I did a little checking and this is what I found. Very interesting. ... 01_han.pdf
The Deputy Speaker: The hon. Member for Edmonton-Beverly-
Mr. Vandermeer: Thank you, Mr. Speaker. It’s my pleasure to
introduce to you and through you to the members of this Assembly
Pam Cholak. Pam is no stranger to this Legislature as she has
worked in many different offices, so many, in fact, that if I were to
tell them all to you, it would be more like a member’s statement, and
I would not do that. I would ask Pam to rise and receive the
traditional warm welcome of the Assembly.

I just knew by the way she spoke that she had a history....and it was not that of Joe/Jean Regular Alberta Parent. ... anada-Area
Pam Cholak
Strategic Management Consulting/Public Affairs
Demographic info
Edmonton, Canada Area | Management Consulting
Current: Public Affairs & Government Relations Consultant at Pam Cholak Consulting Past: Senior Consultant at Deloitte, Northern Alberta Director at Canadian Cancer Society, Special Assistant/Executive Assistant to Minister of Energy ...Education: The University of Calgary, University of Alberta

This whole thing is so planned like a show....handpicked everything. :banghead Then again...I could be wrong...but I'd bet money they are one and the same....and btw Vandermeer mla voted no on March 15, 2010. :roll:

Author:  alberta advocate [ Thu Dec 01, 2011 11:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

alberta advocate wrote:
Today, Bob Layton has as interesting blog today titled Heart Help ... D=10310575 I am busy with him. I hope he is quicker with the comments today. :popcorn & I hope my comment makes better sense today than yesterday. I'm still learning :lol: :thumbsup
:lol: got my comment posted twice.... :oops: He must have been stockpiling, I was beginning to wonder if he was okey it took so long. :wink: :damnedcomputer :oops: I's me.

Author:  alberta advocate [ Sat Dec 03, 2011 12:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N

Today Ab Ed is holding there meeting in Bonnyville..close but the roads are awful and I want to spend the day w/family anyhow.

You know...I tell everyone (banking, groceries, drycleaning.....) about the website and the importance of the new ed. act, but for the most part...people are uneducated, someone said to me the other day "It doesn't concern us...we're Catholic". It's hard enough to get people interested in politics....and then when you have to start at that point....

I guess I would be the same if I didn't have an issue. I just see more issues now that I dug in reminded me of when I went to a school council meeting and brought up the subject of the importance of pictures being posted in the right places and a sub teacher that was there said "we could post them in the toilet stalls..." :banghead My head gets so sore when I have to start at those points. The other day I sat and chatted with a policy fellow with Ab. Ed. I was excited and said and you...we could chat.....we did...but he didn't want to talk about my issue....cuz he leaves legislation to the polititians. :roll:

On another note regarding education here. There was an interesting topic being discussed on Charles Adler the other day. There is one mad dad in St. Albert....and there should be a whole lot more. ...and I was happy they were teaching health class again, instead of what we had a couple of years ago. Go to his website to get whole story. I will say...I'm shocked....but not takes a lot to surprise me these days. ... ID=1580845 and you just know....I'd have something to say in the comments.
Was just in another room....another radio station....talking with Ab Ed about meetings. "Safe and Caring" a big issue......and that is about bullying and choice. :scratchy I'm sure that's what I heard :freak

Author:  alberta advocate [ Sat Dec 03, 2011 2:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Alberta's Education Act & Sabrina's Law??? The time is N


edited above cuz of the story on the radio....forgot I had this bumped....anyhow.... I am learning to tweet. I thought I tweeted Ab. Ed. and thought I did :roll: I know, it's me :oops: and I guess I have a lot to learn cuz I don't see it on their twitter page or whatever that is. :damnedcomputer When I use to work (A WANG) it use to beep when I screwed up :lol: Everybody knew (cuz we worked in a little trailer....we used to joke about what the WANG really meant. :mrgreen: Still learning. :popcorn

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