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B.C's Anaphylactic Protection Order: IS IT WORKING FOR YOU?
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Author:  TZ [ Mon Jan 07, 2008 8:06 pm ]
Post subject:  B.C's Anaphylactic Protection Order: IS IT WORKING FOR YOU?

I am posting this hoping to get BC parents to let us know how the new BC Provincial Framework has influenced your school's policies for students at risk of anaphylaxis. When i say "us" i mean PACT, the group of parents who were behind the lobbying efforts in support of David Cubberly's original Bill.

While we are pleased the Framework has been written, we feel it is important to follow up and ensure that there is action being taken at the level where it really matters - in the school setting.

Please let us know if things have improved or not changed at all in your school. If you are not sure, go to your principal or superintendant and ask him/her questions including: How aware are they of the Ministerial Order and its accompanying framework? Is your school in compliance with the framework? If not, what action is being taken to get there? Has there been any communication to the principal regarding the Ministerial Order and its consequences at the school level?
To see the MInisterial Order [/url][url]
To see the Framework ( the important details of the order) [/url][url]

When repsonding to this post, please include your school district if possible. We need your input as this is our only way of measuring the success of this Order. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.

Author:  Michelle M [ Sun Jan 13, 2008 1:32 am ]
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The Victoria School District has stated that their existing Anaphylactic Action plan is suffice and, in fact, ahead of the game. I'd disagree. I also wonder what the deadline is for Districts to be in compliance with the new framework and what process is in place to ensure that it is completed? Are they just going to trust that this will be done?

Author:  TZ [ Sun Jan 13, 2008 7:28 pm ]
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Have you dicussed with your Superintendant or the trustees specifically where you feel they are falling short? do you care to elaborate here?
as for a deadline, i have not heard of any, but i do know they said it was to be immediate - what does that mean in Gov't terms?
I am asking many of the same questions - hoping to get some specifics in the next 2-3 weeks.
Keep us posted on what you find out.

Author:  Michelle M [ Thu Feb 28, 2008 9:25 pm ]
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I emailed Shirley Bond and received a response from Heather Hault of the Healthy Schools program. I'd asked if there was a framework and deadline for when school policies and protocols had to be developed and initiated. Given that this is a new Order, was there a deadline for these expectations to be put in place?

This was the response:

Thank you for your email dated February 10, 2008 regarding the Anaphylaxis Protection Order, the Honourable Shirley Bond, Minister of Education, has asked me to respond.

This ministerial order, which carries the force of law, became effective September 13, 2007, and requires all BC school districts to develop and implement anaphylaxis policies that meet the new, rigorous provincial standards outlined in the British Columbia Anaphylactic and Child Safety Framework (September 2007) as of that date. Electronic versions of the ministerial order and the Framework can be found on the Healthy Schools website at

In accordance with the Framework, there are a number of core areas that school districts and schools must now address in terms of policies, procedures, guidelines and other areas recommended by the Ministry of Education for managing anaphylaxis in schools and implementing best practices. These areas include:

• providing a common definition of anaphylaxis;
• identifying individuals at risk;
• record keeping;
• emergency procedure plans (at both the student and school levels);
• storage and administration of medication;
• development of allergy awareness, prevention and avoidance strategies;
• training strategy;
• encouraging the use of Medi-Alert identification

The entire Framework is a result of the work done by the Provincial Anaphylaxis Advisory Committee, which convened from May to August 2007.

In November of this year, representatives from the Ministry of Education met with education and health professionals to finalize additional resources and tools for teachers, parents and administrators to support the implementation of the Framework and the Anaphylaxis Protection Order in an expedited and effective manner. These supporting materials include a sample school anaphylaxis policy, student emergency procedures plans, training information and teaching plans, awareness/avoidance strategies, and a host of additional resources. All of these resources are available for school administrators, teachers, parents and students to access on the British Columbia School Trustees Association website at

Additionally, the Ministry of Education is providing all schools with a copy of the national anaphylaxis guidelines set out in Anaphylaxis in Schools & Other Settings Handbook. This resource is recommended as a foundational document by Anaphylaxis Canada.

Finally, all boards of education are now required to report to the Ministry of Education with respect to ensuring these standards are in place.

If your daughter’s school is currently not in compliance with the policies, procedures and guidelines for anaphylaxis management required by the Framework, I suggest you contact your school district superintendent or subsequently a board of education trustee to discuss this matter further.

Thank you for sharing your concerns.

Yours sincerely,

Heather Hoult
Director of Healthy Schools
Ministry of Education/Ministry of Health

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