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Teen saves her best friend's life ......
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Author:  mgreenspan [ Tue Aug 28, 2018 8:59 am ]
Post subject:  Teen saves her best friend's life ......

Teen saves her best friend's life after she suffers severe allergic reaction

A US teenager has saved her best friend's life after she suffered a severe allergic reaction to food.

Elise Hubbard, 13, had been going through a 'peanut desensitisation' program since April when she suffered a life-threatening reaction known as anaphylaxis.

Food allergy desensitisation programs involve small amounts of the allergen being consumed by the patient under close medical supervision, in an attempt to teach the body to ingest it without suffering an allergic reaction.

"[Elise] had missed her dose the previous day so she took half of her dose that day (which we had done before) and reacted with lips swelling, throat tightening and wheezing," mum Melinda Hubbard, 45, tells 9Honey

The concerned mum had called Elise from work to check in on her, when her daughter's best friend Laura informed her she'd been about to dial 911 (emergency services in the US) because Elise was suffering anaphylaxis.

"I asked her if she had used her EpiPen and she hadn't so I walked Laura through it over the phone," Melinda, who is based in Iowa, explains.

"She had done it before as her sister has peanut allergies. She was so focused and stayed calm and [it] didn't bother her a bit.
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"I hung up and called 911 from work and called them right back and stayed on the phone with Laura. Within just a few minutes the squad arrived."

Laura saved her best friend's life that day, and Melinda was so grateful she shared the story on the Allergy Moms Facebook page. ... od-allergy

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