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Author:  walooet [ Sat Sep 26, 2009 7:33 pm ]
Post subject:  What do you say?

Today I had to go into an office and within seconds I had to excuse myself. I texted my husband to explain that the smell of the man's cologne or whatever was making me ill. My husband did not even notice the smell until he got my text. I waited a while for them to do as much as possible without me then I returned and literally had one hand under my nose the whole time :( The man probably found me rather odd but I told someone else at the company that his scent was overpowering for me.

My question is --- do you explain why your hand is covering your nose? Do you go the indirect route like I did in telling someone else? I did not want to offend the man but in a closed office I can't be the only person that was bothered! Hours later my nose is still stuffed from it :cry: If it is sprayed near me I will get dizzy or nauseous.

This summer I read a book that looked at fragrance allergies and it said that there are bases used and I'm guessing that I'm only bothered by certain ones. e.g., Axe sprayed near me is particularly bad!

Author:  _Susan_ [ Sun Sep 27, 2009 7:01 am ]
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Have you spoken to your employer about this? It's hard to deal with the person wearing the scent directly when what you really need to do is get as far away as possible. How do you say, "You cologne makes me sick." without sounding offensive?

If you occasionally wear scents as well, it can seem really confusing to others that only some scents cause a problem.

Why don't you post a thread in the Work forum and see if you get any feed back there as well?

Author:  walooet [ Sun Sep 27, 2009 4:54 pm ]
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It wasn't at work --- we were buying a car and were with the person who does the paperwork. I did tell our salesperson and then also a woman working there --- she saw me peeking around the corner checking if my husband read his text :lol:

Our salesperson said he would tell the guy but I really wonder if he will as the 'smelly' guy was over 50 and our sales guy was maybe 14 :wink: Okay, maybe 21.

So it wasn't a long-term situation but it was difficult regardless. As I said, my husband didn't even notice until he read my text a few minutes after he went in.

Perhaps I just looked sophisticated with one hand always conveniently under my nose...

Author:  _Susan_ [ Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:32 pm ]
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Ah, I wondered how you managed to work with your husband, I don't think I could!

I owuldn't feel that I had to explain myself at the time, a simple excuse me is enough. You could follow it up the following day with an explaination that you have a sensativity to certain perfumes and colognes and you weren't able to finish the meeting the previous day.

You'd think they'd want to do what it takes to make the sale including minimizing scents.

Sooo, did you buy the car?

Author:  walooet [ Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:55 pm ]
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Actually my husband and I did work together for a while and it was odd during meetings some times but okay and some clients liked it as they really respected my husband and when he referred them to me they instantly had a comfort level :D .

Yes we bought the car which is really exciting!

Author:  _Susan_ [ Mon Sep 28, 2009 6:33 am ]
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I hope you asked for a price reduction as he almost sent you to the hospital! 8)

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