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PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 1:37 am 

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I ad to go to a walk-in clinic this week with an unusual skin thing that has not cleared up in several weeks. My doctor's office is really far for me to get to and I was working, so I went to this clinic near work. I always hate talking to doctors. I feel like none of them 'get it' as far as allergies go. Anyway, I am a little sorry that I gave this guy a whole story about me and my skin things, because as soon as I mentioned a history of eczema, he immediately decided that this what what I had even though it a) did not itch b) did not look like any eczema I have ever had c) was not raised or weepy and d) was not the colour of any eczema I ever had. But even so, I got the standard 'it's probably eczema, would you like some hydrocortizone cream?'

Anyway, on the way out, he noticed my Medic-Alert bracelet, and asked me what that was about. I told him it was a drug allergy, and he says 'Oh, you have a lot of problems!' Like this is all my fault or something? The ironic thing is that allergies notwithstanding, I am actually pretty healthy. I have friends with no allergies at all and they get sick much more frequently than I do. I get sick very seldom and am generally pretty healthy, except that I get weird skin things and need to watch what I eat pretty carefully :) So his implication that I am somehow a problem because of the allergies (and to be technical, the drug 'allergy' isn't so much an allergy as it is a genetic condition, but it's easier to just say 'allergy' than to have to explain the whole thing) is completely misleading.

I hate dealing with doctors!

Asthma and eczema
Drug allergy (succinylcholine)
Food (corn, raw apples, green beans, tree nuts, flax)
Misc (pollen, grass, mold, dogs, cats)

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:59 am 

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I have had doctors say that I have a lot of problems too in relation to food. It's funny because I am taking a class on biomedical ethics this semester and sometimes I feel like reminding these types of doctors of the Hippocratic Oath which they all swore to! Their main goal is always to "do not harm" and to take care of the patient and it even states that they have to realize we are people, not objects waiting for diagnoses and drugs.

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