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playdoh ingredients
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Author:  saskmommyof3 [ Mon Oct 24, 2005 2:58 pm ]
Post subject:  playdoh ingredients

After playing with playdoh my youngest daughter was COVERED in hives. I sent back the product and it was analyzed and found to not contain her known allergens.

So...what is in it? They would not tell me because it is a "secret". After much discussion, they agreed that I should know, and that I was not a spy looking to steal their secret recipe.

It contains wheat, corn and purfume and coloring ( and a few other not very likely to cause an allergic reaction ingredients.) I will respect that they were kind enough to fully inform me and not post it on the internet.

They were however unable to elaborate on the words "purfume and coloring". I'm assuming one of these caused our allergic reaction.

Author:  Kelly [ Mon Oct 24, 2005 3:09 pm ]
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Hope she will be okay. That must be scary to see that happen...
at least they did tell you some information, even though you maybe still guessing. Could it be the dye they use?

Author:  saskmommyof3 [ Mon Oct 24, 2005 4:41 pm ]
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The playdoh incident was 6 weeks ago. She is fine now. We are going to see our allergist in 4 weeks to test her for chicken and beef, in addition to her milk and egg allergy. The playdoh that she reacted to specifically was analyzed and had not been cross-contaminated with her current allergens in any way.

They were unable to tell me what was in the dye..the said that they didn't use dye or food coloring. I asked them to explain to me how the product was blue or red? They seemed stumped. Currently, i am quite hesitant to give her any food that is colored red orange or purple , or let her use other red craft materials such as finger paints. I've heard that red coloring can be derived from the crushed dead body of a bug. This dye is protein based and known to aggrevate ADD in some children. They were unable to tell me if their coloring was protein based, vegetable based or exaclty what it was made from.

Author:  Kelly [ Tue Oct 25, 2005 3:53 pm ]
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That just sounds gross about the bug protien for dye.
There are people who are sensitive to dyes that are used in the coloring of foods etc.
Good Luck with all of this

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