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Author:  Warne [ Thu Nov 08, 2007 12:45 am ]
Post subject:  Allergy Relief

With every breath we take, we breathe in millions of microscopic particles such as dust, pollen, plant spores, viruses, bacteria and even pollutants in the form of chemicals in the air.
Many of these particles are filtered and removed by the nose and respiratory system, while others enter the body. If the immune system is strong and healthy, it can ward off infection against pollutants, viruses and other harmful airborne substances that may enter the body.
Normally the immune system will ignore harmless airborne particles entering the body such as pollen, house dust, animal dander, etc. In some people, however, the immune system misinterprets these harmless particles and identifies them as being dangerous to the system.
Whether they make your tummy ache, your nose sniffle, or your skin break out, allergies are just no fun! And they’re hard to escape: ragweed in the fall, pollen in the spring, or certain food items all year long. Tackle your allergies with Allergy Relief.

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