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allergic to bees
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Author:  kerriku [ Wed Jun 29, 2005 3:29 pm ]
Post subject:  allergic to bees

Hello, my son, who is also allergic to peanuts,tree nuts, citrus , penicillin and biaxin, was just stung by a bee or wasp, not sure which. He was stung in the eyelid, it is now completely swollen up. Just wondering if this would be considered an allergic reaction or is that a normal reaction to being stung? I don't want to add another allergy to my poor boys medicalert bracelet!!!

Author:  youngvader [ Thu Jun 30, 2005 9:12 am ]
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I understand but if you want to be sure, go to the emergency room.

Author:  AnnaMarie [ Thu Jun 30, 2005 10:19 am ]
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This is MY opinion - and I am NOT a medical professional.


Getting bit or stung in certain areas tend to cause more swelling than in other areas.

When I was stung below the eye, near the nose - half my face had some swelling. But, I don't think I'm allergic to insects.

My youngest son is allergic to some. When he was bit on the ankle his entire leg swelled to the hip.


If you are fairly sure as to what stung your son, you could get him tested by an allergist.

Author:  Kelly [ Mon Jul 04, 2005 1:12 pm ]
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I am allergic to bees and wasps. I was at a summer camp and was running around barefooted, it was a common practice where I lived to not wear shoes all the time. It was not to Canada.
I stepped on a bumble bee and my foot swelled, I got cramps in m adodmen, and passed out. I know that they had Paramedics came and I do not remeber much more. I was 13 years old. I have been stung since by other wasps etc. I really try to not attract them.
I have a routine that the Doctors have set up for me to follow if I should be stung.
Me, I try to keep a eye out as I know stinging insects are bad for me. Ice is really good at taking down the swelling and some areas swell more then others as I belive someone else mentioned that.
Good Luck to you and your son with this and I hope it is okay.

Author:  kerriku [ Tue Jul 05, 2005 12:51 am ]
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Thank you so much for your replies. I found the hive and am pretty sure that they were wasps. His swelling went down completely in 3 days. He has to be retested next year for his allergies so I will let the allergist know about it then.

Author:  youngvader [ Wed Aug 03, 2005 9:09 am ]
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The advice is generally dress in pale colours and don't put any perfume on. My gf and I were dress in white and tan this morning, neither of us wear perfume and there was one of the little buggers hovering around us. I guess the bees did not read the same articles I did. Tonight, I buying a can of raid that I will carry with me all the time. I've had it. I'm gonna spray every one I see, anywhere, anytime.

Author:  AnnaMarie [ Thu Aug 04, 2005 11:16 am ]
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Bees, hornets, and wasps all seem really bad this year - at least in my neighbourhood.

youngvader - just be careful with that raid. No spraying the gf, or the barbque. :lol:

Author:  youngvader [ Thu Aug 04, 2005 4:24 pm ]
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I mean I will carry it when I leave home and go to work. When I mean everywhere, it's everywhere.

And yeah, I generally start BBQing early in April but I start to do it a lot less in August, September and October because that's when the wasps and bees are vicious.

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