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PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:29 pm 

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Hi all,
This is my first posting on here. I am a 33yr old F, who has been living with a severe peanut allergy my entire life. I also have very bad asthma. I just wanted to let you know of some products that are peanut free that I eat.

If you live in canada the following products are peanut free: (please note that if you scroll to the bottom I have incl.3 email response from companys who I also contacted over the phone just to make sure!)

Craisins by Ocean Spray (dried cranberries) have 2 kinds that are made in a peanut free plant in the USA ~ I have called them and emailed them because it only had the peanut free sign on the package. See bottom for email response.

Sunmaid- plain raisins do not have the symbol but I have contacted the company due to the possible risk of cross contamination, they stated that the plain raisins are made in a nut free plant (see bottom)

Chapmans has peanut free Icecream in many flavors, popciles and even icecream sandwichs!!!

Nestle has peanut free smarties,kitkats,areo and coffee crisps chocolate bars though they only come in the small size.

Hersheys has the same idea and has a peanut free line of cookies and cream, dark chocolate and chocolate w/caramel again only in the small size. I find it very hard to find but have seen it at Shoppers drug mart and in loblaws.

Mars bars has regular sized chocolate bars which are peanut free and they also came out with a dark chocolate version and a caramel version all peanut free!

Vadeboncoeur a Quebec company makes chocolate for easter, halloween, christmas etc. Some produts are: Caramel Filled Chocolate, Chocolate bunnies and other characters such as sponge bob. I find these products in Walmart.

Dare ~ Has tons of products avaliable:
- Candy: Real fruit candies (comes in a bag like gummies),Dare mints, power pigs, gummie worms, sour gummies
-Crackers: Brenton ,Baguettes, melba toast, rustic flatbreads, grissol, grains first, grissol classic croutons
-Cookies: Bear paws ,Simple pleasures, Ultimate cookies, viva puffs, Dare traditions
Wagon wheels, Econo (made by dare) Chocolate fingers & shortbread.

Quaker Chewy granola bars~ they have 7 peanut free flavors available
I have also contacted quaker canada and they stated to me that all products made in the canadian plant in ontario are peanut free, however check the label each time!. This is not true however for the USA. I have eaten the instant oatmeal for years and never had a problem. See bottom for email response.

If you shop in loblaws, zehrs or real canadian super centers they have a few of their own peanut free products

-peanut free "no name" rice crispy squares & maple cookies, Presidents Choice cereal bars (like nutri-grain),Presidents Choice Concerto chocolate cookies~ my personal favorite!!

One other product sobeys and loblaws was selling was located in the bakery dept. and I believe it was called school house/room and they make c.chip cookies, mini banana bread loafs and mini browies.


Some things you may not expect to find Peanuts/Peanut oil/traces of nuts/pine nuts:

I have seen it in Cheader cheese, Barley ( I can't find a safe one),
Rice..yes I said rice! The only safe rice is uncle bens stay far away from all Dainty rice products and chinese rice's.
Pasta sause-watch out for pine nuts
Do not buy deli meat, too much risk for cross contamintation
toasted wheat crums on anything ex: chicken fingers

Makeup!! stay away from oil of olay creams, clairins, lorel. Please see the "peanut" forum I have a pretty good list going!

Do not eat anything Asian esp. Thai even if it does not show peanut on the ingredent or a warning I don't trust it.

I hope this helps some of you out there, I had a hard time growing up, when I was a kid it was totally unheard of to have a deathly peanut allergy.
I have been exposed 2x now, the last time at 25yrs old when I almost died during a work xmas party, long story short I will NEVER eat chicken fingers again!

I will quickly add the only resturants I will eat at:
Pizza Nova-never had any problems
The Keg- They are really good there, watch out for salads sometimes I think they can contain almonds, however let them know and it will all be made special for you.
Swiss Chalet- avoid all desserts, I always get a baked potato uncut, and get a plain salad and add oil and vinegar
Fire & Ice- is a peanut free resturant located in Markham ontario on Hwy 7 & woodbine and get this its stir fry! It is a really good resturant I highly recommend it.

Below are the emails for some of the above products:

Ocean Spray:

March 20, 2009

Thanks for contacting us over here at Ocean Spray, where we pride ourselves on more than 75 years of taking great care in harvesting and manufacturing our products. It’s nice to hear from people who are as into cranberries as much as we are.

All of our products are produced in facilities and equipment that are free of nuts, dairy, and eggs. The production equipment is cleaned and sterilized between each production run. Thus, there is no risk of cross contamination between any of our products. We are currently marketing a selection of Trail Mixes, which contain mixed nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate. Those products are packaged in separate facilities, apart from our standard products.

Thanks again for choosing Ocean Spray. Be sure to visit us sometime at And while you’re there, we invite you to sign up for News Straight from the Bog so you can be the first to hear about special offers, new recipes, and all the latest information about our products. And don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any more questions or comments. Or if you just want to say hello, we’d like that too.

Tastes Good. Good For You.

And Your Friends at Ocean Spray

# 6,832,672


RE: Quaker Quick Oats , REF.# 055525071A Hi Anne: Thank you for contacting us regarding our labeling policy for allergens. We always appreciate hearing from our consumers. Products containing designated allergens are labeled and ingredients listed in compliance with laws and regulations governing ingredient listing. Pepsi-QTG Canada products clearly specify the allergen or its derivative and or source (e.g. peanut extract, milk derivative etc. on the retail package). For any products possibly exposed to uncontrollable and sporadic cross contact or cross contamination an advisory statement will appear on the package to state that it may contain traces of designated allergen. In addition to providing accurate and informative labeling, we always strive to address consumer inquiries regarding designated allergens or designated sensitizers, which are added to or may be present in Pepsi-QTG Canada products. Consumers may contact us using our toll free 800 number, which appears on all our packages. We would like to stress to consumers how important it is to check the packaging for any potential ingredient changes. Product formulas and production schedules can change, and these changes may have an impact on food allergies. The best way a company can communicate these changes on a widescale basis is to print the changes on or immediately following the ingredients lists. We recognize that consumers with allergies must always be vigilant to ensure the products they are shopping for will not affect their allergies. In the future we may test market and sell new products or change product formulations. Consequently, we strongly recommend that when you purchase Quaker products you continue to pay close attention to the labels. We thank you for your interest in our products, and hope that we can continue to count you among our truly valued consumers.


January 23, 2009 Thank you for sharing your concerns about nut allergens and your questions about the labeling of our Sun-Maid products. We do not pack any nuts or nut products at our Kingsburg plant. Some of our products are manufactured at other plants that also produce nut products. These products are labeled where appropriate with "May contain ..." or "Packed in a facility that also packs..." statements, which can be found just below the ingredient statement on the package. We do appreciate the difficulty and concerns that consumers like you have in making your daily food selections. Sincerely,Sun-Maid Growers of CaliforniaConsumer Affairs 233976

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2009 1:40 am 

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That's a great list - thanks for the info!

DD 2004 Allergy to peanuts, egg, sesame, and new: lentils and chick peas
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