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Allergy to some but not all tree nuts
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Author:  mattcohen [ Fri Aug 10, 2012 12:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Allergy to some but not all tree nuts

Our son is allergic to hazel nuts and brazil nuts but has eaten plenty of cashews and almonds without a problem. Of course I understand the advice to avoid all tree nuts, but I'm wondering if others in this situation have found "safe" versions of tree nuts they are not allergic to. For example, do you eat them if they're in the shell? Are there certain brands of nuts that declare the absence of other nuts? Any other thoughts? Thanks very much.

Author:  walooet [ Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Allergy to some but not all tree nuts

Since we have never found tree nuts that don't have cross contamination we have avoided all tree nuts. Technically, my daughter could have a few kinds but we would have to shell them ourselves and they just don't taste as good that way and she would need an oral challenge at the allergist's office for any tree nuts before she could try them.

Given that tree nuts always seem to have the cross contamination we know that she could not eat any at restaurants so it just didn't seem worth it to shell them.

We do buy a bag of peanuts in the shell at Christmas at Superstore as they do not have cross contamination --- we shell those for some of our Christmas treats.

Author:  walooet [ Thu Mar 14, 2013 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Allergy to some but not all tree nuts

An update for our situation: my daughter has successfully passed a few oral challenges to some tree nuts and therefore needs to eat them on a regular basis. She remains allergic to hazelnuts and possibly one other (still need to do that oral challenge).

If you are in Canada, I find that Superstore/President's Choice is amazing with allergen information. I emailed them a chart of 11 different tree nut packages in their store and asked them to identify whether our allergens were on the line or in the facility.

Almost all of the tree nuts were free of hazelnuts but oddly, some were not safe for my crustacean allergy. Given that I asked about so many it took them a week to get back to me.

We also found Wonderful Pistachios and Wonderful almonds which do not contain any hazelnuts at all. And they are processed in separate plants. I did not ask about any other tree nuts than hazelnuts.

Blue Diamond almonds are on our safe list too --- they told me that hazelnuts are not grown in their area and that they only cross contamination with other nuts would be on the trucks bringing the tree nuts from the farm to their plant.

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