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 Post subject: Newly Diagnosed at 33!
PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 5:15 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 04, 2006 4:35 pm
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Location: Vancouver
I'm 33 and just diagnosed officially last week with having a nut be more specific, peanuts, cashew, highly allergic to hazelnuts, some walnut allergy.
I have grown up all my life eating all kinds of foods, and never having reacted.
There is no nut allergies recorded in my immediate family...
so what lead to the above conclusion?
Nov 5th my husband and I went out for Thai at 1 pm.
At 5.30 pm as we're driving back home I felt my heart doing flip-flops,a dn I felt I was starting to pass out. I said nothing to him, adn quickly opened the windo to get some air in..A few mins later as the feeling passed, I told him what had happened.
I later dismissed it to being "nothing".
Then all week, I had fingers felt numb, and clumsy. I started dropping things that required any fine motor skills.
I am an ER nurse and struggled to get through work. My brain literally felt like it was in a fog-like being under water. I was constantly dizzy...but I kept on working. As the week passed and went into the next, My fingers became clumsier, as I kept dropping things at home. I could not feel the tips of my finger at all. My entire body felt like it was going through constant tremors.....
I finally gave in to my husbands requests and went to a clinic on a Friday night.
The doctor there looked at me like I was an idiot, and basically in her own words said" I dont know whats wrong with you. Maybe you have Multiple Sclerosis". I will set up an appointment for you to see a neurologist."
I left flustered, and needless to say upset. I had only been married 2 months, and moved to BC from my home town of Toronto.
That was Friday.
On Sunday, 2 hrs after my husband and I had had dinner at home ( a BBQ), I was sitting on the couch, adn all of sudden noted my mouth had gone dry, adn i was having trouble swallowing. Thinking it was "all in my head", I tried to ignore it. 5 mins later, I felt hot, flushed, and my heart was doing a marathon all on its own. Ofcourse, being a nurse, I am trying to self-diagnose, checking my pulse, and starting to get a little throat was not feeling any better, and my tongue was getting heavy.
I insisted to my husband that we go out for a "drive"...maybe some air will help....
Out for a drive we did, and we could not have picked a more perfect night!
We had a few days of snow, and extremely heavy fog....He's trying not to panic and race towards the hospital. We finally pull over at the ER where I work at, and by now I am feeling a little better....I wanted to go home. 2 mons later, my throat starts to feel more constricted, so in we go. I get seen by the triage nurse quickly. My BP was high, and my heart rate had shot up too. I was hot, flushed....
So, when one of our ER docs see me, and we went throught he foods I had eaten...the only thing that came to mind was "Sweet adn SAlty" bars with nuts, almonds, adn cashews that I had eaten while at work all week, and that evening.
So, with the epi on board, and some prednisone, and benadryl, I felt better and went home. I was to see an allergist in the following few weeks. In the meantime, stay away from all nuts~
My husband and I became "Label Readers".....
And were shocked to see how much out there is made "in a facility that produces nut products", or made on "equipment that also processes nut products", or "may contain traces of..."
My ulimate question was " So, what can I eat now?"
Little out there is "safe"...eating out became a dilema....
I love dining out, and enjoy my food.....but this puts a bit of a damper on enjoying dining out.
I always have my epi pen with me, just in case.....
Amazingly enough, since I have abstained from all nutty foods...the feeling in my fingers having returned. the dizziness has brain no longer feels like its under water.
I had my allergy testing done last week, and was "diagnosed"
Needless to say, I cancelled my neurology appointment.
It was not the begining symptoms of MS.
I have a heightened sense of what I can, adn will eat.
I have read through a few forums here, and it seems most of you have been dealing with this for sometime.
Any words on safe resaturants, or products out there?
Get this. Last week, we stopped at MacDonalds, asked the girl at the counter, who was all of 16 if their ice-creams were produced in a "nut free facility"
I might as well have had 3 heads......she had no answer for me, and asked two different people, and no one knew!~
I left with out a cone~
I went out and bought Chapmans cones instead.

 Post subject: welcome to the club..
PostPosted: Sun Jan 07, 2007 1:40 pm 

Joined: Fri Jan 05, 2007 6:09 pm
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Location: Leesburg, Florida
33 must be a rotten age as i am 33 and just last week got diganosed with pn/tn only suggestion is research this web site it is very imformative....

adult onset peanut and tree nut

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