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Subway - buns without traces of milk
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Author:  kcopson [ Sun Oct 30, 2005 3:33 pm ]
Post subject:  Subway - buns without traces of milk

Having recently developed a major sensitivity to milk and all traces of milk, I 'm hesitant to eat out.

But when I took my family to Subway, I asked the staff to check their plain whole wheat and plain white buns. They gladly showed me the box with the ingredient list - no milk ingredients or warnings of traces of milk ingredients.

:D Hooray!! I can eat Subway subs as long as I stick to the plain white or whole wheat buns without any cheese on the bun, and I don't add any cheese slices.

Author:  Mylène [ Mon Oct 31, 2005 9:47 pm ]
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... but what about everything else that is used on that surface. When someone orders a sub with cheese, the person doing the sub will dig into the letuce and everything else with the same hands... all the surfaces will be contaminated, I wouldn't worry about the bread that much...

Author:  kcopson [ Sun Nov 13, 2005 3:45 pm ]
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Good point!! Thanks for the input.

So far I'm okay as long as I don't eat anything with traces of milk products, I haven't had any problems with cross-contamination, yet...

However, this is a newly developing allergy within the last three months, and I'm still learning what I can and can't eat (my appt with the allergist isn't until feb).

Author:  saskmommyof3 [ Sun Nov 13, 2005 4:13 pm ]
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Food which has a "may contain" warning on it, is generally food which is made on equiptment shared with milk. It doesn't contain milk in the recipe but it may be contaminated by the processing equiptment (therefore cross contaminated). This is pretty much the same as all restaurant food, so if you don't eat "may contain" food, you may want to avoid restaurants. My 2 year old is allergic to milk. I have never fed her from a restaurant. Counters, utensils, baking pans etc. are all pretty much always contaminated with milk, all of the time. Milk is in everything!! Also the hands, or hands wearing gloves of the person making the food can easily contaminate other food. We have removed all allergens from our home.

My daughter would even react to vegetables cooked in a pot, cooked on the stove while another pot on the stove contained soup with minimal amounts of milk products in it. The steam, or spitting must have contaminated the vegetables. I definitely do not want her eating from a kitchen where milk is present at all.

My children have numerous allergies. MILK IS THE WORST!!! it is everywhere! Cross contamination is very easily done, and it is definitely a MAJOR concern.

If you can find a good strictly vegan restaurant, you might be able to minimize the risk of milk contamination. I'm not sure where you live but you might be able to find a vegan restaurant in larger centres. Steer clear of them if you have a nut/peanut allergy though. They use a lot of nuts in their meals.

Author:  kcopson [ Wed Dec 07, 2005 12:52 am ]
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Now I'm confused, according to allergy test I don't have a milk allergy. Doctors say it's not lactose intolerance and milk allergies don't suddenly appear in adults. Bottom line, doctors don't know why I can't consume any foods containing milk ingredients. So I'm just continuing to avoid milk ingredients.

Author:  saskmommyof3 [ Wed Dec 07, 2005 11:31 am ]
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The mother of someone I know can not eat milk either, but is not allergic to milk. She reacts to some kind of medicine ( can not remember if it is a steroid or antibiotic ), and that it is commonly given to cows, so that it is present in the milk.

I know that my daughter mildly reacted to breast milk, but looking back it was obviously because I was consuming things that she was allergic to, but had no way of knowing.

A lot of medicines warn not to take them when you are breastfeeding...because they get into the milk, and are given to baby. Logically, it makes sense that it is the same for cows too.

Author:  Mylène [ Wed Dec 07, 2005 1:29 pm ]
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My skin tests did not show a milk allergy last time and neither did the RAST... my allergist said it was because it was an IgG reaction (delayed) and not an IgE reaction (instant) which is tested by those tests... but based on history and everything, I am allergic to milk, no questions on that.

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