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Looking for Peanut Challenge Information
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Author:  Carla H [ Tue Aug 02, 2011 11:55 am ]
Post subject:  Looking for Peanut Challenge Information

My son is 8 years old and was diagnosed with an anaphylaxic peanut allergy before the age of 2. He has had a RAST test almost yearly since and his number have dropped from the initial 5.0+ to 0.52 in 2011. The Allergist is recommending an in-office challenge.... Can anyone offer any comments from a similar experience ?

Thank you.

Author:  gwentheeditor [ Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for Peanut Challenge Information

Carla, Those numbers are encouraging.

My experience is as an adult with adult-onset food allergies to peanut and soy. The soy was fairly off-the-charts obvious, but because the skin-prick test to peanut yielded only a moderate result, I agreed to the allergist's suggestion of an oral food challenge.

Since I'd had an anaphylactic reaction to a sauce that contained soy - but also peanut, I was somewhat nervous about the process. I was, however, reassured by the fact that there was resuscitation equipment available in the clinic if needed and the allergist said he would epinephrine at the ready.

Well, I failed the oral test. I had to eat a little, then a little more of a Reese's Pieces. When I began to react (face hives, itchiness, scratchy throat), the nurse immediately summoned the allergist who gave me the epi shot. Then he deemed me peanut-allergic.

I'm glad I did it because now I know for sure. And they were so in control that the symptoms were acted upon immediately. I do like the resuscitation equipment of a clinic or hospital personally, if there has been previous anaphylaxis.

Course to find out you weren't allergic, would be wonderful and liberating. Fingers crossed that your son gets a negative result, if you do go ahead.

Author:  caz [ Tue Aug 02, 2011 9:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for Peanut Challenge Information

Hi-my son has undergone many many food challenges over the last couple of years. Ours all involve tiny amounts to start with and increasing at 15-30 minute intervals the amount so that after 4 hours you are tolerating an amount that would essentailly be equivalent to a normal 'serve' of the substance. The idea being that if you are going to have a 'bad' (anaphylaxis) reaction that it will happen in the Drs with all the medical equipment available.
As you would know the ONLY way to see if you are really 'allergic' is by consuming the foods. My son has reacted (not anaphylaxis-but facial swelling hives etc) to subtstances he has no reaction to on spt and has had a severe reaction to one where the spt was very small-so it really is a good way to find out if there is allergy in the safetly of the Drs or hospital.

We find our allergist will only do challenges if they are reasonably confident that no reaction will occur-so spt's/rast etc have to be lowish.

Just a word of warning! (not wanting to scare you because its EXTREMELY rare and only happens to very 'difficult' patients like my son-he doesnt react in the NORMAL way most people do with his allergies). We have inpatient food challenge and then continue at home at a maintence dose (eg 2 tsp peanut butter) for two weeks-the idea being that you will see skin flares and eczema etc in this time). Well he actually had anaphylaxis on day 5 (after eating it the previous 4 days without issue-its very unusual but really did catch me out!-I was too busy telling him to hurry up and brush his teeth and 'have a glass of water' to wash whatever was in his throat making him cough :frightened -the very hoarse tiny voice eventually alerted me!-ahhhhhhh we can laugh now-NOT)
So just be aware and alert on the home challenge part.
Having said that-its GREAT to know that you are not allergic to something anymore so would always go for a challenge if its offered to us and considered appropriate by our specialist.
Good luck-its amazing leaving an allergy behind

Author:  gwentheeditor [ Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for Peanut Challenge Information

Really interesting, Caz. Glad you shared.

Author:  caz [ Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for Peanut Challenge Information

gwentheeditor wrote:
Really interesting, Caz. Glad you shared.
-youre welcome!
Just wanted to say that even though he's had 2 failed challenges (peanut with anaphylaxis and sunflower oil with facial swelling.occular and nasal symptoms and full body rash) he's also had HEAPS of passes.
For us this now means in the last 18 months he can now eat
rye grain
sardines (he hates them) ***edited-they were anchovies-yuckier than sardines

So......well worth doing if youre allergist thinks its appropriate-life is MUCH easier with all these back! (esp the soy)

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