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Warning-Acne drug Accutane contains peanut oil
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Author:  sourchicky [ Thu Apr 09, 2009 11:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Warning-Acne drug Accutane contains peanut oil

Accutane contains peanut oil, used to treat cystic acne, adult acne etc.

Sorry if this has been posted before but I just found this out from the doctor, I don't understand why drug companys would put something iin their product that so many people have allergies to.

Author:  walooet [ Fri Apr 10, 2009 10:07 am ]
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Thank you very much for sharing that.

Ironic that a product to clear up one's skin would wreak havoc on the skin of many of us/our kids!

Author:  mharasym [ Sat Apr 18, 2009 12:23 am ]
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Just like many Cetaphil products made by Galderma contain macadamia nut oil . . .sorry, I know, peanut forum - but let's face it - they are connected for many of us!

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