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Peanut & Nut Free Sign
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Author:  ilovemacs [ Fri Jun 27, 2008 9:01 am ]
Post subject:  Peanut & Nut Free Sign


My church is peanut and nut free. We have many children and adults that are anaphylactic with EpiPens. We've been peanut and nut free since I think we opened (quite a very long time ago). Our peanut and nut free signs are being redone and we're making more, so that there's at least one at every door. They're being redone so that they are more modern and they look better, also so that they have updated information. We're doing this also to ensure that absolutely there are NO peanut or nuts in the building (including trace amounts). I've seen products in the church that say "may contain". Which makes me very upset. I've been put in charge of designing the new signs, and ensuring that they help make the church in this matter (with no peanuts and nuts) that safest it can be. Any tips or ideas people have throw them out there. Also any other strategies to further ensure the safest environment at our church. We do an amazing job on this front already we just want to strive to do even better.

Thanks! :D

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