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Camping with peanut allergy
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Author:  Cherry Chiang [ Thu Jun 26, 2008 10:04 am ]
Post subject:  Camping with peanut allergy

We will be camping with a group of people (50+). We only know a couple of the families well. Our son has a peanut allergy and he has had anaphylactic reations before. Now we learn that part of the group will be eating peanuts in an open space when they get together. What should we do in such situations? We have our own camp site. I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions.

Author:  _Susan_ [ Thu Jun 26, 2008 7:48 pm ]
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Oh my! Personally, I don't think I would feel very comfortable in this situation. It is very difficult to ensure that everyone understands the severity of the allergy and the risk of exposure seems high.

How far will you be from a hospital? Make sure you carry a cell phone and that it is fully charged. I can't imagine being able to relax in this situation.

Any other advice?

Author:  ~Lisa~ [ Thu Jun 26, 2008 7:58 pm ]
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Hmmm....yes I went camping once when I was little but it was with 15 close family members and there were no allergens around.
I would check out hospital proximity as well but also, will you be interacting with the peanut eaters? Or is it really only the families that you know well that will be sharing your camping area? If so, are they understanding about allergies and willing to not have any peanuts around?
Maybe then I would consider it. I am all for trying to do as much as possible regardless of allergies and I have been fortunate enough to have travelled all over the world but when you are in a remote-ish area like some campgrounds you do have to think differently than other vacations.

Author:  Cherry Chiang [ Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:42 am ]
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Thanks Ladies for your responses.
The hospital is 25 minutes away. I have sent out an email to the group list to tell them about my son's allergy and ask if they could avoid eating peanuts. There is no guarantee of course. We will not be eating with the peanut eaters at all. Only the friends who we know well and they will not bring any peanut products. Will probably be using the same beach, though. Has anybody heard of any concerns of coming in contact with allergens and having reactions in a swimming pool?

I am not sure if there will be cell phone signal in the campground. Probably not. I will find out.

Author:  paige H [ Fri Jun 27, 2008 12:57 pm ]
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Hi Cherry chiang

I have been on vacation and have had serious eye issues (allergies). On one trip they became very bad after going into the pool though I still have issues pool or no pool. On my last trip I decided that if I was going to be in the pool I would not put my head in (easy I am an adult, not so easy for kids). Since I am allergic to coconut and there are so many sun lotions with this in it ( I can always smell it, and have to move where I sit many of times) I have also wondered if the people who have this lotion on go into the pool then how will this affect me?

Being in another area other than where I live always seems to bother my eyes so I never know for sure. I would like to know if anyone else has had similar experience with reactions after going into a public pool??

As far as the day to day camping, my own personal feeling is I would feel fine if I had two epis and be watching whats going on. If you follow through I hope you all have a great time.

Author:  _Susan_ [ Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:24 pm ]
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I was just thinking back to a family reunion we had at a cottage. There was about 50 people present.
We made sure that our car was parked in such a way that if we had to make a quick exit, we could. The car was the last on in so as not to be blocked and it was facing out toward the road.

Make sure you have an extra Epi-Pen- just in case.
You can call 911 from your cell phone and advise then that you are heading on such and such a highway in a certain direction and they will probably arrange to meet you somewere.

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