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this worries me
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Author:  dustytiger [ Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:04 pm ]
Post subject:  this worries me

i was at the st laurent centre today, and i went to the thai express in the food court, after i ordered i was looking at the sauces that they have for customers, and i noticed that they had crushed peanuts to add to the food!!!

this is the second busiest food court in all of ottawa (i know this because i have had friends who have worked in that food court) and they have this out where anyone can just serve themselves (putting it into a portion cup similar to what you use at fast food places for ketchup) and bring it to any table, spill it anywhere! i don't even have any food allergies and this terrified me

i generally go to a different location of thai express where they DO NOT do this (bayshore) and even have allergy warnings saying "despite our best efforts we cannot guaruntee your meal can be peanut free" as it is thai food and peanut sauce is one of the popular flavours

i know many of you are in the ottawa area and i want to give you a heads up in case you are in that mall and go to the food court (even if it's just to sit and relax with your kids) cause i can just imagine the places those peanut piece can go (it's similar to coarse grind coffee)

also i want to contact the company and want to know if there are any other points i should include other then;

* peanut allergies are on the rise (mentioning i do not have allergies but am a memeber of this forum)
* this is the second busiest food court in ottawa and that's what scared me most
* the fact that offering peanuts is clearly not necassary as the loaction i generally frequent does NOT do this

Author:  KarenOASG [ Wed Mar 26, 2008 5:37 pm ]
Post subject: 

Thanks for taking this on, dustytiger. I think your points are very good ones.


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