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Author:  Helen [ Wed Oct 11, 2006 1:37 pm ]
Post subject:  spices

I know there is a thread on this topic in the sesame section . . . but I figured i'd start anohter one here.

i'm on a mission to find gluten free foods . . . and so I'm reevaluating what I purchase.

McCormicks has been recommended to me on a celiac message board because they label for gluten. Theoretically, companies could add gluten as an anticaking ingredient, but in her book, Shelley Case (an expert on celiac disease) says she has never come across a company that does so . . .so plain spices should be safe.

Anyways, I called President's Choice to ask about their No Name spices. A review of customer service: the person I spoke to was very nice and very helpful . . . but the information isn't readily available. He emphasized that allergy info. was for one product only because they have so many suppliers. I didn't get the sense that the company has a standard labelling policy for cross contamination, etc. One literally has to call for every spice . . . and it sounds like there are multiple entries for each spice. Arrghh!

I asked specifically about ground cinnamon . . .

peanuts and tree nuts: none in the plant. none on the line. ***but this applies to this product only**

soya - none in the product; present in the plant; soy on the same line
egg- none in the product . . . I forget whether it is run on the same line
sesame . . . I forgot to ask about sesame.
gluten -- none in product. present in the plant. run on the same line.

For those of us in or around Toronto, a suggestion to avoid most of the uncertainty:

They grind their own spices . . . no nuts on the premises (didn't ask about suppliers, however). They advise that there is a possibility with cross contamination with sesame (I should have asked for the details but I didn't. they just said that they do process sesame seeds). Absolutely nothing is added.

cost: for ground cinnamon: $6.95 for a tin (about 2X as large as the club house tins) (price may be approximate--I'm working from memory)

I hesitated to buy their ground spices because of the sesame issue . . . I've never reacted to sesame, but according to the skin prick test I'm very allergic. But I bought their whole nutmeg. Plus I splurged on a vanilla bean seeing as I can't buy vanilla extract.

Author:  laurie15 [ Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:02 am ]
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For what it's worth, I never, ever trust 'No Name'. I've gotten sick from every single thing of theirs... Ironically, one was ground cinnamon.

Author:  Catherine [ Thu Oct 12, 2006 11:55 am ]
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I started a thread on "No-Name" because I deal with them so frequently (sigh) and thought some may find it helpful: ... php?t=1523

Author:  Helen [ Sat Oct 14, 2006 7:03 pm ]
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Thanks---the info. on No Name labelling is helpful. Should probably not buy no name products. I don't mind spending the extra money for spices that I don't use all that often . . .but for things like ground cinnamon which I use up very quickly No Name is (or was) great (sigh).

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