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No Benedryl for asthmatics?
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Author:  _Susan_ [ Tue Jul 15, 2008 9:37 pm ]
Post subject:  No Benedryl for asthmatics?

I was speaking to another mom and she told me that she was advised not to give her child (who has asthma) any Benedryl. for allergy symptoms. I asked her why as I had not been told this from our Dr. This is her reply:
the dr never mentioned benadryl at first - then she got a nasty allergy to a mosquito & dh was picking up her asthma medicine at the same time & the pharmacist told us NOT to give her any first generation benadryl (so even a no name or other brand - if it has the same ingredients in it basically which if you read the ingredients to aerius it is different than benadryl). Said it masks the asthma reaction along with the allergies!

So next time we went to the asthma clinic we asked (because by this time two different pharmascists told us NO to benadryl for the one with asthma) and the pediatrician AND the lady (we saw one lady who would go over the reactions throughout the last month etc & helped us figure out how to manage the asthma/medicine etc) we dealt with said NO to benadryl (dh says they said it so loud people in the hall heard it through the closed door! LOL)

She can have the benadryl topical cream for the bug bites but not oral benadryl.

Has anyone else been given this advice?

I need to complete the school medication form and will bring this up with the Dr.

Author:  KarenOASG [ Wed Jul 16, 2008 4:59 pm ]
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No, I have not. And my allergist has included Benadryl (and other meds with diphenhydramine hydrochloride, the active ingredient) on our school action plan for my youngest, who is asthmatic, and she certainly knows that he has asthma.

Susan, if you want to double check with someone else, you could contact Rosario Holmes (Certified Asthma Educator) at the Lung Association in Ottawa.

The Lung Association
2319 St. Laurent Blvd., Suite 500 (@Thurston Dr)
Ottawa, ON K1G 4J8

Tel: (613) 230-4200
Fax: (613) 230-5210


I would be interested to know what asthma clinic this mom went to. Perhaps you could call to get clarification about why she was given this advice.


Author:  _Susan_ [ Wed Jul 16, 2008 10:13 pm ]
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Yeah, I'll send off an e-mail to Rosario Holmes.

Meanwhile this is what the mom had to say about why they advised against Benedryl:
Benadryl suppresses (sp?) coughing - which is a sign of an asthma flare up. Since dd4's asthma attacks are usually coughing to give her benadryl that suppresses coughing can mask her asthma attack until too late.

Once we realized this we asked a few drs, pharmascists etc & all agreed to stay away from it. And was told to take Aerius as it is good. It is good with regular hay fever allergies but not her mosquito bites So we are allowed to still use benadryl topical cream - yeah!

We never give dd halls but will ask about that. I guess any medicine that 'suppresses' coughs would be a potentially "no no" for asthma sufferers?

I'll definately be asking our Dr but as our daughter doesn't tend to coughm she just goes straight into crisis...I'm not so sure it would make much difference.

Author:  _Susan_ [ Fri Jul 18, 2008 6:21 am ]
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I did fire off an e-mail to Rosario Holmes the Certified Asthma Educator at The Lung Assosciation and she confirmed for me that cough suppressors are not recommended for those with asthma.

Well, I learn something new everyday!

Author:  ethansmom [ Fri Jul 18, 2008 8:41 am ]
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Here's another discussion on the topic of cough suppressants and asthmatics:

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