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 Post subject: Testing 101?
PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 12:21 am 

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Man, I seem to have nothing but questions. I'm so sorry that's the case. :(

We had an appointment "urgently" to see the allergist in March. We got in on a cancellation to see someone else in the practice this afternoon.

The resident took about 20 minutes worth of history with us, focusing on soy (our concern is dairy) and spending the last five minutes on dairy, environmental and animal allergens. We did the scratch test, which came back utterly negative, except for the control-positive. Speaking with the "actual" doctor (personally, I preferred the resident), we did a quick review - again focusing on soy (!!) - and the end result was... No. The boy is not allergic to anything. When I asked about what to do in the event of more hives, I got a lot of nothing, complete with "well, I *could* prescribe him an epi-pen, but I don't think it'd do any good" and "we don't recommend antihistamines because you don't know if it's food causing the reactions." I was told that "well, he *may* be intolerant..." in that hedging sort of I-don't-want-to-outright-say-you're-crazy tone of voice, and when I asked what might be a good course of action going forward... The doctor asked me what I thought of putting my son back on dairy. Considering all the problems dairy has caused in my son, I'm sure the look on my face spoke a lot louder than my "Honestly? I most likely wouldn't do it." There was no mention of any kind of other testing, or even any real consideration of his history with dairy outside of "he had one episode of wheezing (after we removed dairy from his diet)" and "so what were his poops like...?" despite my full page writeup of the mental and physical effects we see when he's had dairy.

Now, since arriving home, I've heard about how horrid the skin prick testing is (particularly without appropriate history), and that really there should have been SOME discussion of next steps. And so, here I am with more questions. Is there some type of testing we should look into that is more reliable? Is there some other avenue to pursue to find out what is wrong with my son? He's now triggering off of the test (at home), though without any wheals to show for it. All I want to do now is find a name for what's going on. I know my son can't have dairy. But at this point, I'm disheartened, frustrated, and feeling completely written off, and my sweet boy deserves much better than just "well, kid, we're ignoring what happens to you, 'cause we think your mama's crazy."

I am Care. Mama to Little Prince (08/08/08), wife to Skeeve (06/03/06)

Dairy free since 09/09/09

Skeeve is reactive to milk proteins.
Little Prince takes after his daddy.
Mama bear is reaction-free.

 Post subject: Re: Testing 101?
PostPosted: Wed Dec 16, 2009 9:19 am 

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See if you can get a referral to a different allergist. We live in a smaller city, and I had not been happy with the information I was given here. My doctor referred us to an allergist in a larger city, and it was definitely worth the drive. Good luck with everything.

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