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PostPosted: Tue Oct 31, 2006 5:28 pm 

Joined: Sun Oct 22, 2006 3:44 pm
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I am trying (unsucessfully) to figure out what is triggering my nine month old daughter's eczema. I have carefully controlled most allergens I can think of in her environment and believe that it must be food related. She is allergic to dairy and egg and still flares despite having a very simple and restricted diet. She is on Neocate and eats rice, carrots, squash, and sweet potato. It seems that when I try to introduce a new food, her skin acts up the NEXT day. Do you think this is food related? Our allergist doesn't think so as he said that when someone is having a food reaction, it happens within 15 minutes of eating the food. However I have to wonder as I read something contrary to that. On the Children's Memorial Hospital website, I read that food reactions can be delayed, especially in kids with atopic dermatitis. Here is a quote:

If the initial reactions are mild, it may be difficult for parents to identify the offending foods. Except in atopic dermatitis — in which symptoms may appear a day or two after the child eats a particular food — parents often see a consistent pattern of allergic symptoms within two hours of eating.[/quote]

The website is ... ergies.asp

Has this happened to anyone else? If she reacts the next day, is it a true allergy?

Thank you for your input.


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PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:06 pm 

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Severe reactions, such as in the case of peanut allergy, may occur immediately. But in some children, GI and eczema occur later. (Obviously, many allergists haven't read the book on this; some don't even believe in GI allergies. :? )

My non-allergic daughter reacted with diarrhea later in the day when she ate rice or apple products/juices as an infant. She would also cry and pull up her legs like her stomach was hurting and had "ring around the bottom". I pulled her off these foods, given my history of GI allergy.

She has outgrown the rice problem (by age 2), but apples still bother her. (She is 9 now.) She has severe stomachache and cramping. Difficult as apples are in almost all juice box products. She has not been tested, as she has no other allergy symptoms, such as a runny nose or hives. My allergist says this may very well be an intolerance, but we treat it just the same by avoiding apples.

Your daughter may also be reacting to an environmental problem, such as a soap or laundry product. Try an extra rinse on your laundry, and you can use much less soap. (We have a front-load washer with a window; you can't imagine how much soap is left in your clothes after a normal wash and rinse cycle! :shock: ) I have switched over to Tide-free or Seventh Generation products for dishes and laundry.

Is your daughter ok with oatmeal? Oddly enough, many of my friend's kids also reacted to rice cereal as infants. Some had eczema, some had diarrhea, and some vomited. I think the Docs just advise rice cereal based on the recommendation of the baby food companies.

Whatever you try --foods or environmental adjustments -- do only one thing at a time for a few days. Then you will know what fixed the problem.

Hope this helps,

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 02, 2006 8:36 pm 

Joined: Thu Dec 22, 2005 11:48 pm
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Hiya, my little guy used to react right away with hives etc. for some foods, and with others he reacted the next day (eczema flare ups) or 'strange' bms, diaper rashes etc. If I ate an allergen and nursed him, his face would get *very* rashy and his bm's were stinky (err ... I mean more so than usual :lol: ) loud and basically liquid (how's that for a nice image!). As we started doing skin tests, what we saw by his reactions was confirmed. The foods that caused his eczema flare ups didn't (and thankfully still don't) trigger an anaphylactic reaction. I guess your little girl is letting you know something is bothering her and I'm sure she will help you figure it out.

Best of luck!


PS I kept a detailed diary of everything (what/how much he ate, what his skin looked like, what the humidity was, blah blah blah ... ) and all these things did help show some obvious patterns. I'm sure you're already doing this, but we also introduced only 1 new food/week.

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