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NEW 2 Allergies- Chicken, turkey, beef, pork….HELP
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Author:  AllergicMommy [ Tue Mar 26, 2013 9:29 pm ]
Post subject:  NEW 2 Allergies- Chicken, turkey, beef, pork….HELP

Around September 2012, I began to break out in a red, spotted looking rash every single day. The rash would come and go, but after a few days it began to get extremely itchy, raised, red spotted rash. The rash would continue but my face, lips, eyes, and cheeks began to swell as well. I would feel as if someone was chocking me, feel pressure on my chest and such. What gives right? :dungetit

At first I thought it was a “gluten allergy” since this what everyone said. I eliminated gluten and would continue to break out. Long story short, after months of suffering around November 2012, I finally went to an allergist. The allergist conducted about 40 prick tests on my arms, I tested positive to being allergic to chicken, beef, eggs, milk, lamb, cashews and one other food I had never heard of. :frightened

He said this is what you’re allergic to but conduct experiments to see if it’s true, so I did.

Anytime I would eat chicken, eggs or beef I would break out. I would try one item and within an hour or so I would feel something happening, almost like a tingling sensation on my face. I would wait a couple days and continue my experiment with the other foods. I had a reaction with everything, so I began to eat pork and turkey. Within two weeks of eating this, the rash came back. Anytime I would eat pork or turkey the same thing would happen as if I was eating chicken or beef.

So far I’ve had a reaction to chicken, beef, turkey, pork, eggs, milk, cheese, and some deserts. However I’m able to eat a donut or bagels with cream cheese without the rash. Odd. :scratchy

I am constantly starving, but terrified of eating something that would cause a break out. Sometimes it gets so bad that I have to miss work, or go in late until the swelling subsides. This has drastically affected my life. I’ve lost several pounds, I do not feel healthy, I am tired, exhausted but have to continue on with life; work, school and taking care of my four year old.

Is there anyone with a similar story? Should I go back to the allergist and request more accurate test? What is an accurate allergy test? Please provide me with any advice or guidance, as I am in desperate need.



Author:  _Susan_ [ Fri Mar 29, 2013 10:06 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW 2 Allergies- Chicken, turkey, beef, pork….HELP

:scratchy It does seem odd that you are allergic to milk and cheese but you can have cream cheese. Then again, there are many protein in milk and you might only be allergic to one or two of them.
I find it worrying that your allergist said, "...this is what you’re allergic to but conduct experiments to see if it’s true, so I did."

Author:  gwentheeditor [ Sat Mar 30, 2013 4:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW 2 Allergies- Chicken, turkey, beef, pork….HELP

If you're getting these kind of continuing symptoms, you need an allergist's advice. While I kind of understand the home testing in an adult who didn't used to have issues (with allergy tests there are many false positives), once you're clearly showing symptoms you need to revisit an allergist. Either the one you saw or another if you don't feel you're getting adequate attention.

I live with multiple food allergies and with proper allergen avoidance, you should not be sick at all. It is possible to have other health issues that are confusing the issue, or maybe a different allergy that hasn't been noticed yet. On this, I do think you need an expert's help.

One suggestion to help the allergist: keep a daily food journal of what you ate. If a reaction occurs, note how long after a reaction occurred (and what that reaction was). I'd avoid that food again until following up with the allergist.

I turned out to be soy allergic as an adult, which was super-hard to figure out and as soy is in everything, for a period I too had a very hard time ("reacting all over the place" was how my allergist put it). He gave me a wise suggestion to avoid eating "complex" foods - e.g. stuff with store-bought sauces with multiple ingredients. Start simple - basic safe meat and vegs - and add things to see what you can manage safely.

Between that and a journal, when your next allergist appt comes up, you should be able to say what you noticed giving you problems.

Are you also reading all package food labels for your allergens? It's really important to avoid even small exposures if you're allergic. Those can cause symptoms. (In some of us, even severe symptoms.)

Hang in there, I remember how frustrating the process of adult-allergy diagnosis can be. The better news is - if you can figure it out and know what you have to – and don't have to – avoid, getting your diet on track with become much easier. Good luck with and keep us posted!

Author:  AllergicMommy [ Sun Mar 31, 2013 8:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: NEW 2 Allergies- Chicken, turkey, beef, pork….HELP

Thank you both.

I have been keeping a food log, which can hopefully help this new doctor in figuring out the cause.

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