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Author:  williamsmummy [ Mon Oct 29, 2007 12:06 pm ]
Post subject:  new to this site.

hello, I am from the UK , and have hung around other allergy sites, and now this one!
I have four children, and my 11 yr old son has food and environmental allergies.

William is allergic to
peanuts/beans/kiwi fruit/ yeast extract/dustmite/cat/dog/ tree pollen

he has grown out of hay fever, egg, and most of his tree nut allergies.
( there is some debate about a food challenge for one remaining tree nut)

Over the years i have campaigned to raise awareness of allergies, used to run a allergy support group, suppported parents, teachers , and colleges students. I give presentations on allergy management to colleges, schools , preschools and day nurseries.
I am a youth workshop leader for the anaphylaxis campaign, which supports teenagers with severe food allergies.

We recently were on the BBC news , when the house of lords presented their proposal to improve the status of allergy care within the NHS .
I have been on local radio and newspapers, which is fun!!

Our Son started senior school this term, so we are dealing with all the 'joy' that a new school brings with regard to allergy management.


Author:  Helen [ Mon Oct 29, 2007 6:53 pm ]
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Hi williamsmummy!

It sounds like william has a lot of allergies to deal with! Out of curiosity, did he outgrow hayfever after being treated with allergy shots? Or did it just go away on its own?

There does seem to be a lack of awareness of allergies at universities and colleges--at least here in Canada--so it is good to hear that you are spreading the word at colleges and elsewhere.

Welcome to the site :)

Author:  gwentheeditor [ Mon Oct 29, 2007 7:53 pm ]
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Hi Williamsmummy,

I've seen you around one of the other sites. Glad you found us too, and welcome!

William does have a load to manage - but great that he's outgrowing tree nut. Least that's one big one down...

Good luck with educating sessions - how wonderful that you're doing so much to raise allergy awareness.

FYI, you'll find we've got a few threads here related to the situation in Britain. I still find it shocking that there are so few allergists on your side of the pond, especially given the high incidence of allergy in the UK.

Anyway, look forward to chatting with you from time to time. Gwen

Author:  AnnaMarie [ Mon Oct 29, 2007 9:43 pm ]
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Hi Sarah, <waving>

I still find it shocking that there are so few allergists on your side of the pond, especially given the high incidence of allergy in the UK.

I find it surprising that with so few allergists, the UK has a lot of companies with good labelling. I have a relative that brings me treats whenever he comes over. I've got him trained pretty well -- this years batch was a HUGE bag of safe UK Cadbury candy.

Author:  williamsmummy [ Tue Oct 30, 2007 5:29 am ]
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thanks for your posts, no, william didnt have allergy shots. He just grew out of his tree nut allergies.
However we have been told that bean and peanut are life long.
But then again, he has grown out of his chick pea allergy, and they have expressed some hope about the kiwi.
But thats such a 'new' fast growing allergy that little is known about it. only one study done so far.

as for food labeling thats done by the two main allergy charites, who have had great sucess in that area.
Labels have improved in the whole of europe, now 14 allergens have to be labeled in all languages. english being one of them, so although the print is smaller, the info IS THERE.
its just a question of finding it!!!

British new docs dont seem to see allergy as something that appeals to them , and I often wonder if this is a backlash to the fashion of having an allergy.
it seems that everyone has one, so the real meaning of life with allergies is diluted.
Certainly movies often portray allergies as being one big joke.
I am aware that the UK NHS clinics are always begging the world for immunoligists.


Author:  _Susan_ [ Tue Oct 30, 2007 6:25 am ]
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Sarah, it sounds like you are doing an awsome job at educating others and lobbying for change!
As more studies are being done (or at least bearing results) I hope that newer Dr's will see this as an area where they can make a difference.
Welcome to the forum.

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