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PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2007 10:54 am 
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Cynthia had posted a question that I wanted to move to the School topics as it was quite relevant.
I inadvertently deleted it but had first saved it in Word so...Cynthhia, if you are lookiong for your post, please go to the school topics.

Her original post was,
My allergist reccomends my 4 year old not carry his epi pen at school. As he cannot recognize symptoms and treat himself. He feels an adult should be resposible, this way the pen should not get lost nor will there be an accident from curious little ones who might play with it. I have gotten a lot of flack from the school and have found out that my child has been outside without his pen and under the supervision of adults who do not know of his allergy. (not just once but consistantly for 3 weeks) Does anyone else have their young ones not carry their pen? The school does not check lunches (he is there all day) and a volunteer monitor supervises the lunch and cleans the tables. This person does not require any education in child care or allergies, just a police check. This person also watches the children outside for an hour Being new to this school situation I am baffled, we have removed our child from the situation and I will not be able to work until this environment changes. Am I asking too much from the school? They feel I am too demanding to want the kids to have a consistant monitor who has had some training in allergy synptoms and giving the epipen. These children also are not required to wash their hands at any time.
We are frightened to send our child to school!

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 24, 2007 10:59 pm 

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Speaking from both sides here (as a teacher and as someone who carries an epi-pen myself), I have to say, I agree with the allergist. The absolute worst thing would be to provide a false sense of security to the family by having the school agree to something they can't realistically manage. The classroom teacher is responsible for up to 30 kids in some cases. I can think of 100 situations where s/he might forget an epi-pen: playground duty, fire drills, you just have so much to think about, keep track of and bring with you that even someone aware of the risks and meaning well can just forget one more thing. BUT...if he's doing the carrying, it's there, and the adult can be trained to administer it if needed. Just think about ow many times the average class transitions during the day---one or two recesses, lunch, gym, art, music, French etc. And let's not even think about supply teachers :) There are just too many people involved to keep track of the epi-pen if it is not on the child. In an ideal world, maybe there would be more consistency with supervision, but in the real world, it just doesn't work that way. Teachers share recess and lunch duty, specialist teachers come in and out of the classroom all the time, and it just would not be realistic for the classroom teacher to be in charge of something like this for an individual child. It WOULD get left behind from time to time, no matter how much people care about the child.

We had a diabetic child at the school I was at last year, and I had one lunch duty a week in his class. I was scared to death something would happen. Thankfully, it didn't, but he had a bag on him at all times with all of his supplies, and we received a briefing from the mother on what to do.

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