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 Post subject: Allergy shots
PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2007 7:24 pm 

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My 10 year old daughter tested positive for allergies to dustmites, mixed tree pollen, ragweed, mixed weeds, cat, and dog. Controlling dust in our house has helped a lot. However, we have a cat and a dog and she cries at the idea of getting rid of them.
We live near a busy road in a Chicago suburb with a dirt crawl space. I have changed her to a healthier diet. The doctor recommended allergy shots but I have heard mixed opinions on that. He said that the shots would help to prevent allergy induced asthma. The doctor also said that with her having so many allergies at such a young age, she would have a good chance of developing asthma. I don't want to be neglectful in not giving her shots yet I don't know if they'll help or hurt her. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about these allergy shots?

Mary A. Alberts

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 12:56 am 

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The first few times may be difficult, anticipating the pain of the shot, but after it becomes more routine, it won't be bad. Actually the benefits really outweigh the prick of the needle. Instead of having to take allergy-chemical-medications the rest of her life, the allergy shots are a more natural way to treat allergies. It takes a tiny bit of the allergen, say oak pollen, and puts it in the serum. It slowly builds her immune system until her body doesn't respond badly to oak pollen any more.

I wouldn't have liked the idea of shots as a child, nope not at all, but looking back I do wish my parents had done more for me. Not only was it very uncomfortable having allergies, but embarrasing too. In class I was always up and down to the tissue box if not carrying one around with me. I couldn't enjoy PE or recess time because my eyes would water and my nose would run. As I got older, I would get a terrible persistent cough and I would start coughing during class and couldn't stop.

That's just my experience, I thought I'd share. If you can afford the shots (which my parents couldn't) I think that your daughter will be thankful in the long run.

DD 3yrs: Praying for the best, allergy testing due soon. Mainly Wheat, Dairy, Eggs, Peanuts/Tree Nuts
DD 1yr: Woohoo, no signs of allergies so far!

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